Monday, February 19, 2007

new fav cd.
woke up to put it on.
even Sister likes it.
back to sleep,

Mardi Gras Weekend here. Too many parades. Caught lots of beads. Drank too much milk punch.
Too tired.
Will blog later.
Whistle, the King of Mardi Gras

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Movie Review

Ghost Rider. Good for Boys because it is about motorcycles going fast. Scary because it has devil characters in it. Stupid girl in movie with stuff on her chest. She is in the movie because she has a chest. That's all. Nick Cage is the Ghostrider. He was good in "Peggy Sue Got Married" so I don't know why he did a comic book story. Waste of his time. I think.

Too much mean stuff for kittens. I had to close my eyes so I wouldn't get nightmares.

I think adults wanted "meaning" in the movie with devil things and all. Bad theology. Confusing.
The old guy from "Easy Rider" is in it. He looks funny but Mom thought he was handsome even though his hair has teasing in it. That's when your fur is sticking up on purpose.

No cats in this movie. A bad guy wipes his eye off his face. Many times the bad guys show their teeth funny.

I like popcorn.

If the HGTV gig doesn't turn out, I'm going to be a Movie Reviewer,


Saturday, February 17, 2007

this scares me. is mom making a sweater for me? oh no! this felting and sewing is getting out of hand.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We gave a card to our friends, Swayze and Jacques.

Jacques has health problems so we didn't send cat cookies.

I ate his cookies to keep his health good...

We put catnip in the gift bag and a felted mouse toy our Mom made.

We played with the mouse first to see if it was good. It was.

I wanted a litter box all for myself but the Valentine Fairy didn't bring one.

Fish thought he was going to get on American Idol. He is silly.

Hope you had a good day and people told you, "I love you".

The Valentine Fairy brought a big box of Milkbone Dog Biscuits for Sister. She gave us one.

Where is my can of tuna?


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cats and Antiques Re-purposing a Chest of Drawers

Cats like comfortable furniture. Give me a soft bench or comfy sofa and I'm a happy cat. Getting into bed with my humans makes me grateful for our lives together. If it's raining, as it is today, and cold, there is nothing better than a warm bed with humans.

I've read on the 'net about households with multiple cats. I'm in this situation. I share a litter box with my brother, Fish. My nanny is my dog, Sister. Andy, the indoor/outdoor Alpha, lives here with us. Four animals means a cat doesn't get much privacy. I love that my Mom loves me but I can't get much peace on the days she picks me up to kiss me over and over again.

Every now and then, I need to get away from the others. I may want to nap or think or play with a string without help from anyone. I've discovered a new way of getting privacy!

Take an antique or older chest of drawers. Clean it with water and Murphy's oil soap. You can wash wood if you don't use too much water and don't let the water stand on the wood. Dry thoroughly. I suggest Murphy's because it's easy on the cat nose. Don't use too much of it!

Remove the drawers. Take off the drawer fronts. Remove enough of the back of the dresser so you can get your hands, tools and head into it.

Glue the drawer fronts back onto the dresser. You are creating faux drawers and leaving the interior empty.

Drill discreet holes into the dresser at various points. Keep the chest of drawers looking like a normal piece of furniture but make "look out holes", maybe three. Clean around the holes with a dry rag. You may need to use sandpaper to clean the cut holes and to remove any splintery wood.

Enter the dresser from the back where you've removed either all the wood or a panel for access. Place a perch of some kind into the chest. You can purchase one that will fit or use a plastic crate that will fit inside. Do not use a cardboard box because you may encourage roaches to use the space. I don't mind roaches but humans get cranky if any get into the house. We live in the tropics so roaches are our problem. Maybe you don't have any bugs. Adjust for your situation.

Place a warm rug, blanket or soft thing inside the chest. Put one on top of the perch and one on the bottom of the chest.

Leave a cat sized opening on the back of the chest when you replace the back panel. You may wish to cut a flap door with brass hinges on the side near the back but this takes more power tools than I'm allowed to use. Easy access is the purpose here. Leave the chest a few inches away from the wall so when the chest is placed, a cat can enter it.

If your cat doesn't know that the chest is for, put some catnip inside the chest. Then push her or him inside the first time.

Put a lamp on the chest and a few photos of your cat/cats on the top. Your goal is to provide your cat with a private retreat while making the chest of drawers look like a regular piece of furniture.

Yours (looking for a job on HGTV),


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I've got lots to tell you.

Our Boy is going to France soon. We will miss him. Our Mom is making us berets to wear. I wish she wouldn't. Does that cat in the picture look happy. Nope.

Andy, Fish and I had a Quiet Day. Andy slept on Girl's bed and told us that we could sleep in the same room with him if he couldn't hear or see us. We slept all afternoon on the enormous dog bed under Girl's bed. She pushes the cushion under her bed in the daytime. Mom couldn't find us and was convinced we had escaped to OUTSIDE. We were just obeying Andy so he wouldn't box our ears.

Fish ate the string I used for Intramural String. I'm off the team now.

He's getting better at eating cat cookies out of Mom's hands but I'm better! I turned in my Catacomb Project to Prof. Whiskers. I made an "A" even though the project was smooshed by Sister.

According to Mom, I am the "sweetest cutest cat in the whole wide world"! Sounds good but she says this to Fish, too.



Sunday, February 4, 2007

We are watching the Super Bowl with the Big Cat. We are napping while we watch.
Human beans are odd! Why would you run around outside in the rain?