Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I've got lots to tell you.

Our Boy is going to France soon. We will miss him. Our Mom is making us berets to wear. I wish she wouldn't. Does that cat in the picture look happy. Nope.

Andy, Fish and I had a Quiet Day. Andy slept on Girl's bed and told us that we could sleep in the same room with him if he couldn't hear or see us. We slept all afternoon on the enormous dog bed under Girl's bed. She pushes the cushion under her bed in the daytime. Mom couldn't find us and was convinced we had escaped to OUTSIDE. We were just obeying Andy so he wouldn't box our ears.

Fish ate the string I used for Intramural String. I'm off the team now.

He's getting better at eating cat cookies out of Mom's hands but I'm better! I turned in my Catacomb Project to Prof. Whiskers. I made an "A" even though the project was smooshed by Sister.

According to Mom, I am the "sweetest cutest cat in the whole wide world"! Sounds good but she says this to Fish, too.




Songbird said...

Whistle, no one is happy in a beret. I mean it. But your Boy will be happy in France, I feel sure.
Love you cats lots!
And Sister, too.

Littlemankitty said...

My mama went to France and she says that in France, they let doggies and kitties go everywhere! Doggies get to go to restaurants! Kitties in stores! It's a great country! But they don't let kitties wear berets. That's embarassing.

Littlemankitty said...

I think you should ask Prof. Whiskers if you can study abroad in France. Without the stupid beret.

Molly said...

My boy went to Scotland, and he did fine. He brought home digestive biscuits, but he said they weren't for dogs.
Hope your boy has fun!