Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you think about this article in Scientific American about kitty cats?

We live with people because people do better when we are nearby.

Love from Whistle,
This is my bloggage and I approve this message

Sunday, May 17, 2009

News from Around Here

Whistle here.

Cat School finals have everyone in a tizzy. Dubby is convinced Fluffy will be his lab partner next year. He says he is quitting school to become a drop-out and get tattoos. Mom says "NO".

Fish won the Catzinger Longtail Award for Best Behavior, Cat Citizenship, the Rotary Scholarship for Nappage, the Blue Ribbon Hairball Hacking Award and the Chat Prize in French. We aren't supposed to know this until Awards Day but Fish told us. Several. Times.

I'm passing my courses, doing well in String Play, Whiffle Ball and Midnight Meowing.
I'm the year book editor with Blast next year. I need two new cameras!

Today we are practicing Hair Ball Hacking. Mom says if she sees one more attempt left on the floor, we are in trouble. This doesn't make sense! Hacking hairballs is nature's way of cleaning out fur and detritus, like beads and tiny Leggos.

Dubby lost his only friend. According to Dubs, Frank the Flea, was a great friend and chatted Dubby up all day and night. We got flea treatment yesterday. Dubby tried to save Frank who died a horrible chemical-tainted death. I don't mind flea treatment. Mom gives us Greenies when she puts the stuff on us.

Fish got stuck under the bedcovers last night. He complained in a loud Meow until Mom freed him. He's so strange.

Verbena wants privacy. Fish wants to pat Verbena. More later because I see this as a real problem.

Frances the Turtle is moving by the windows. She looks great. I wave at her and she ignores me.

Mom has her suitcase out. I hate this. No Greenies during the day time. Water bowl doesn't get filled and we won't get to listen to Urban Contemporary or Classical music all day long. He's OK but doesn't wait on us hand and paw.

Mom says she heard people meowing at LD's school. She says they are pretending to be at Cat School. Go figure. I wish LD stayed home. She goes and comes and goes again.
I love her. Everyone loves her.

Love from Fish. I approve this post. Everybody else (that mean You Fish and You Dubby) stay OFF my Bloggage!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Memo from Verbena

To: Sister the Dog, Fish the Cat,etc., etc.

Dear All:

If you wish me to remain as the Resident Courtyard Toad for the Summer of 2009,please do not approach me with your cat nose or even look at me. Sister the Dog, if you have influence, please speak to your cat about this.

Do not post pictures of me or discuss me on teh internets. I am overwhelmed with print journalists, TV cameras and bloggers looking for me, at me and being near me.

Fish the Cat: if you wish to look at pictures of Toads, order the Guide to All Things Beautiful and Froggy for your Kindle. Leave me alone.

I hope I make myself clear on this issue.

Verbena, V.A.T.*

*Very Attractive Toad

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Prayer from Whistle

Dear God, this is your Whistle.
Thank you for this day. Thank you for all I see around me.
For what is above my head, what is below my paws.
Thank you for everything!

Thank you for my brothers and my nanny, Sister the Dog.
Thank you for my humans.
Thank you for the big clay pot of catnip growing outside the window.
Thank you for all the birds out side; squirrels, too.

Thank you for Greenies, cat food and clean water.
Thank you for fresh litterboxes.
Thank you for the strength to jump high on the Study bookcases.
Thank you that no one saw me knock over the lamp in the dining room.

Thank you for my friends near and far.
Thank you for my green collar.
Thank you that I am dressed in clothes once a year on Halloween.
Thank you for ear scratches, purrs received with delight and bugs.

Thank you for making me and placing me in my home.