Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Diary: Dubby

If I die before I wake, throw my diary in the lake.Dear Diary,

Hey! How have you been? Things going ok for you?
I'm great here. Christmas was the best ever! Really! I didn't write to Santa and he brought me great stuff anyway! Whistle and Fish changed the password so I couldn't send Santa my list but here's what I got: canned cat food, cat cookies, wrapping paper, string and boxes! I got Christmas canned cat food this morning, too!!!

Since this year is almost over, and I'm three years old, I'm writing you about what I learned in 2009:

*If you are heavier than your opponent, they don't pop you so hard in the head.(1)
*I love studying birds and squirrels. They are my friends and I hope to hug each one of them.
*If She kisses me, I don't have to move or wake up from a nap.
*How to eat cat cookies: open my mouth wide!
*Every cat likes you if you can open closed doors and untie knots.
*Snuggling with Whistle is comfy.
*My dog, Sister, is my best friend.
*It's OK to be a cat and smell like a dog.
*Whistle and Fish get in trouble more than I do.
*I like to hide under the dining room table.
*Cat School is easier if you don't sit next to Fluffy Catsworth.
*I can shred fabric, especially upholstery fabric,with my claws!

I can't think of anything else.

(1)I don't know why but this year some people called me "Lord LardBotton" and "Dump Truck"

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa, this is Whistle

Dear Santa,
Hi. How are you? How's it going up there in the North Pole? How is Mrs. Santa Claus?
Tell the reindeer I say, "Hi!"
I've been a good cat again this year. Everybody says I am a good-natured cat. I turned four in August. I make good grades at Cat School. I think I will be Class Favorite this year but if someone else wins, I'll be fine with that.
The picture looks like me in my Halloween costume. I have a collar just like this good-looking ginger cat. I wore my Halloween costume for hours and hours and didn't complain.
Maybe I should give you my Christmas List: I'd like a big bag of Greenies, maybe two or three of the giant size would be good. Please ask Mr. Greenies to make me the poster cat for Greenies. I love Greenies! I would like a few toys but not the toys with batteries because battery cat toys are scary to Dubby, my brother. I would like for my cat bed to be just for me. If you wrote a note to Fish and Dubby saying it was my cat bed they might leave my cat bed alone. Just a hint!
Please bring my dog Sister, a beautiful chewy bone and some tennis balls. She is the best dog in the world.
Love and thank you,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Christmas List: Fish

Dear Santa,
I am a good cat. I made an A in lap sitting this semester. I play well with my brothers and I keep my fur very clean. Please bring me:

a book about camping
a real cat tent
a book about Cat philosophers
Aristocats DVD
Stuff to chase

Yours Very Truly,


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon: The Wuff Movie A Review

This is Dubby.

New Moon is the best Twilight movie! More Wuffs! More growling! Less Sparkle!

When I look at the Wuffs, I see myself because I am a Wuff, too. Grrrr!

The movie is very short, only about two hours. That girl is in the movie. No need to see her at all!

The Wuffs are strong and brave! Big!

I sat with my dog Sister at the movies. We ate popcorn and drank water in cups!
Sister told me to not to growl or meow so I didn't except during the fight scenes.
Sister wore sunglasses and a hat. She carried her Big Movie Purse. I hid in her purse.


You go see it. Ok? It's the best movie ever.

Love from Dubby, the Wuff

I am a Wuff and a Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Cat AT THE SAME TIME. It's like magic but different.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter from Management

To Inside Cats:

It has come to my attention that throw-up was found in HER closet on a pair of HER shoes. Please, remember Rule #4 if you must toss your cat cookies, hairballs or such, please find a washable surface (brick floor, tile) to use as your toss goal. Cease and desist blowing cat cookies in any closet or near human possessions. While it may be difficult to determine human possessions in a home, use your judgement.

Further, Management requests that loud meows be reserved for hours when the bedroom is lighted, not when bedroom is dark. While humans appreciate your rich interior lives as Mr. Adventure, Wild Cat and I am a Wuff, when the room is dark, be quiet.

Please allow the pantry door to remain closed. You will not be able to claw your way into the pantry. Beating on the door with open paws while wailing will not open the door. The pantry is off limits to any orange cat or grey and white cat. THIS MEANS YOU.

You are on the grazing meal plan. This means food is available 24/7 so you may eat
small meals throughout the day and night. Parking yourself next to the food bowl to eat all of the kat kibble two or three times each day is not good. You live in a state where obesity is an issue. The Dept. of Cat Concerns says overeating may lead to muffin tops from the neck downwards, diabetes and general slovenly appearance.
Remember, the phrase "fat cat" means someone with money, not overweight feline-age.

Finally, Management will be away for a few days. As a courtesy, please behave. The contest, "How Many Loud Things Can I Try to Break" isn't until August 2012. Do not practice while Management is out-of-town.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.
Your Management Team

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Diary...

dear diary
this is dubby only five days until NEW MOON. all of my cat friends are going!
we are all wuffs who love jacob black who is a human who turns into a wuff. i wish my people could be wuffs but no luck there.
i am sneaking in here to use the computer. whistle is sleeping on the bed. fish is sleeping in the laundry basket. heh heh they are NOT going to the movie. no way. they are not wuffs and don't want to be wuffs. my brothers are not cool.
love from your dubby

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Word from Whistle: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This black cat reminds me of Cousin Bea in NC. She's shiny black furred like this pic. Some people fear black furred cats. THIS IS FURISM and is WRONG. All cat fur is beautiful, even those fur less kitties.

Cats don't want candy for Trick or Treat. Give Cat Cookies instead!

No Halloween Costumes for Cats! Ever!

Make Halloween a GREENIES holiday! Place open bags of Greenies around your home!

People who are mean to cats go to you-know-where.... See Cat Scripture, 2 Fluffy 12:3-7.

If you have a younger cat, the youngest brother like Dubby, you may MAKE HIM WEAR HIS MOUSE COSTUME FROM LAST YEAR. All day, just sayin'

Whistle, I know this stuff. I am four years old.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it Creepy?

for me to be a cat blogger? I read somewhere it is creepy for cats to speak.
I meditated on this for weeks, discussed it with fellow cat bloggers Fish and Dubby who said "who cares?".

We've been busy. Cat School is tough for older cats like us. Dubby has it easy because he is a kitten-type. He's making string pictures with knots and gluing macaroni on construction paper...

I am NOT dressing up for Halloween. Not! Not! Not!

Love from,

Mom thinks this LOLCat is hilarious. What do you think?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Report

Things I See When I Look Out the Window, a list by Whistle
For Prof. Whiskers September 17, 2009

Blue Jays

Love Bugs
Yellow Jackets
Bugs with Orange Pants


Sister, my Dog
Andy, my Brother
Fish, on his daily Courtyard Rounds
Opossums, if I stay up late at Night

Note to Professor Whiskers, Please sir, give me an "A" on this list. Love from Whistle

Friday, September 4, 2009

Editorial by Fish

School started early in August here. We're getting up early, packing our book bags for Cat School with Professor Whiskers and his faculty. Summer projects are over!

My younger brother, Dubby, is caught up in a cultural maelstrom of silliness! He thinks he is a dead ringer for the Wuff in New Moon. He growls, leaps and poses all day long, except when he is texting, chatting or twittering with his Twilight pals.

Yep, THAT movie cult!

Yesterday, Dubby wore his underwear rolled over at the waist just like Jacob Black in the picture above. Really! He didn't start wearing drawers or working on his six pack until he saw the movie. He memorized all the dialogue. He refers to himself as "the Wuff".

Oh please. He's trying to raise money to go to the Cat Twilight Con! His Con group, Twi-Cats#10 Gulf Coast, voted for him to represent them.

Let him go! We will have "Wuff-Free" days while he's out there debating "Bella, Is she the best character ever?" and "Do Wuffs Like Greenies?"

Make him stay home! Get that cat to wise up! Pay attention to Cat School! Focus!


by Fish, Wise, Smart, Mature

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!

Fish here.

Really, this was the greatest birthday I've ever had. We each got a can of cat food to eat, cat cookies whenever we wanted and I heard "Happy Birthday" all through the day!

I feel so four-ish. Competent, able, wise, all the things one finds in a great 4 year old cat. I feel as if I can take on the world!

If you put your nose to the monitor screen right here **** you can smell cat cookie breff and canned cat food breff. Nice, huh?

What a wonderful day!

Love from Fish

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomorrow is MY Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Tomorrow is my 4th Birthday! Fabulous, huh?
Everyone is coming to my party for a cat cake and games.
We are playing string, flying fishies and bag pounce.

If you haven't gotten a gift for me, it's NOT too late.
Send your big gift to me, Whistle, at this address:

My House, U.S.A.

Here are a few ideas for you:
A pallet of Greenies
Catnip Mice (please note plural)
A tall climbing perch
Silk sheets for my cat bed
A guinea pig
laptop so I don't have to share
a collar (breakaway/safety) with a sterling silver whistle charm
cat bowl with MY name on it. ONLY for me

You get the idea. Just something simple to say, "Whistle, you are such a fine catty".

Whistle This is MY blog and I approve this message.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Birthday

Only 38 days until I am 4!!!!

My birthday is coming soon!

Get my presents ready! Just a friendly reminder!


Whistle, this is my Blog and I approve this message

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th of July

Yesterday wore us out! People! More People! Meals! Snacks! Cat Cookies! Birds! Rain!
Dubby and I nap to keep our strength up.

Sister is worn out from yesterday's funder and fireworks!

Love from Whistle

P.S. We recall Mom's big ginger cat Rusty today. He died four years ago. He was 21 and ready to go to back to God. We have a loving home because Mom loved him and because Assumpta and Dibley went to live in N.C. with LLS and LSinL after Katrina. Mom needed us for comfort after the storm and we needed a home with our nanny Sister and cat cookies. It all works out, doesn't it?

P.S.S. Fish is reading books about camping. He said his fur was a mess and wouldn't let us take a picture of him.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Dog like Sister!

I like seeing tiger kittehs sitting with their Dog Nanny.
We have Sister, the Greatest Dog Nanny in the World, at our house.
I love Sister! We all love her!

Excuse me, I want to go head bump Sister because I love her.

Whistle, this is MY blog!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reporting In: Summer Activities

Whistle: I'm taking an online class in Cat History! You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many ginger cats helped in the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Civil Rights and the Hula Hoop Craze! Seems like you can't have good history without a ginger cat!

Fish: Reading books on Cat Camping! I am Adventure Cat! Professor Whiskers asked me to write a song for Cat School Opening Day! My song features ME!, beating up rats!, being brave! and handsome! Everyone will love it!

Dubby: All I do is keep up with my tribe through FB and texting. I've finished my Summer Book list. Now I'm reading books I like: the Twilight Series, Bearnaise Sauce Mountin Cats in History, How Cats with Great Toes Saved Egypt and Cat Cookies: How to Get Them. Mom opened a door and smushed me last night. She said it was an "accident". I hope so because I got scared and ran away to eat a bit of cat kibble. I ate a bit more to keep my strength up.

Whistle: I have a new cat bed! No one else may sleep in it. It's mine! Fish! Don't get in my new cat bed!

Dubby: My head hurty is healing! Everyone says the shaved patch looks cool!

Fish: Hey Whistle! Your butt DOES look big in "your" new cat bed! HA!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Important Message from Whistle

81 Days Until My Birthday!

Just a friendly reminder! Preparation is Everything! Planning Now Saves Sorrow Later!
Don't Forget! Get Ready! Be Prepared!

Love from the Birthday Boy,

Whistle This is MY blog and I approve this message.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cat School Librarian Suggestions

To: Sister, the Dog
From: Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd

Re: Request for Summer Book Suggestions for Fish, Whistle and Dubby

Dear Sister:
Thank you for your kind note requesting help with finding books for the boys to read.

Having heard of Fish's devotion to the Twilight series, I suggest he read the Father Tim books by Jan Karon. These books are the sequel to the Mitford series of several years ago. Father Tim's gentleness and perspective will help Fish focus on good cat behavior.

Whistle found Bird Identification Finals a bit difficult. Perhaps Whistle would enjoy reading Roger Tory Peterson's North American Bird book ONE MORE TIME. Quiz him about the birds at the kitchen bird feeder. Make a game of it!

I suggest Dubby read "Don't Let Your Brother Bite You" by Furry Choate.

Professor Whiskers sends his best regards and looks forward to seeing the cat boys in the school library this summer. We are open 24/7 and have fresh bowls of water available. Remind the boys of the "Read a Book---Get a Cat Cookie" event all Summer.

Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dubby's Fierce Bad Day

Dear Diary,
I'm glad I can tell you stuff because around here, there isn't privacy. A brother is close by all the time!
You know how Fish and Whistle read those Twilight Books? About vampires biting animals? Whistle has two new lip freckles he says look just like vampire teef. Then Fish runs around outside in the courtyard yelling, " Say it! Say what I am!". It is upsetting I'm telling you.
Saturday, Fish grabbed me and bit me on the side of the head. He was pretending to be a vampire in those books! He took a chunk of my fur off with skin attached! It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything. Blood!
Fish got bored and went off to check his Twitter messages on his FB.
My girl saw my owie and told Mom. Mom cleaned it out with hurting stuff then gave me a HAND FULL of cat cookies.
Today, it was awful! I went in the car in my cat carrier to the Vet!!!!!!!!!
So scary! Even with my girl and Mom along.
Now I have to take ant buy optics. Now I have a shaved place on my head. Now Fish is being nice to me but I am worried.
Don't read those Twilight books, Diary. You might bite a kitten.
Love from Dubby

P.S. I cannot show you a picture of my owie. I can't hold the camera so it points at behind my ear. I tried. Love from Dubby

P.S.S. Fish is a bad kitty. Don't tell anyone I said this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you think about this article in Scientific American about kitty cats?

We live with people because people do better when we are nearby.

Love from Whistle,
This is my bloggage and I approve this message

Sunday, May 17, 2009

News from Around Here

Whistle here.

Cat School finals have everyone in a tizzy. Dubby is convinced Fluffy will be his lab partner next year. He says he is quitting school to become a drop-out and get tattoos. Mom says "NO".

Fish won the Catzinger Longtail Award for Best Behavior, Cat Citizenship, the Rotary Scholarship for Nappage, the Blue Ribbon Hairball Hacking Award and the Chat Prize in French. We aren't supposed to know this until Awards Day but Fish told us. Several. Times.

I'm passing my courses, doing well in String Play, Whiffle Ball and Midnight Meowing.
I'm the year book editor with Blast next year. I need two new cameras!

Today we are practicing Hair Ball Hacking. Mom says if she sees one more attempt left on the floor, we are in trouble. This doesn't make sense! Hacking hairballs is nature's way of cleaning out fur and detritus, like beads and tiny Leggos.

Dubby lost his only friend. According to Dubs, Frank the Flea, was a great friend and chatted Dubby up all day and night. We got flea treatment yesterday. Dubby tried to save Frank who died a horrible chemical-tainted death. I don't mind flea treatment. Mom gives us Greenies when she puts the stuff on us.

Fish got stuck under the bedcovers last night. He complained in a loud Meow until Mom freed him. He's so strange.

Verbena wants privacy. Fish wants to pat Verbena. More later because I see this as a real problem.

Frances the Turtle is moving by the windows. She looks great. I wave at her and she ignores me.

Mom has her suitcase out. I hate this. No Greenies during the day time. Water bowl doesn't get filled and we won't get to listen to Urban Contemporary or Classical music all day long. He's OK but doesn't wait on us hand and paw.

Mom says she heard people meowing at LD's school. She says they are pretending to be at Cat School. Go figure. I wish LD stayed home. She goes and comes and goes again.
I love her. Everyone loves her.

Love from Fish. I approve this post. Everybody else (that mean You Fish and You Dubby) stay OFF my Bloggage!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Memo from Verbena

To: Sister the Dog, Fish the Cat,etc., etc.

Dear All:

If you wish me to remain as the Resident Courtyard Toad for the Summer of 2009,please do not approach me with your cat nose or even look at me. Sister the Dog, if you have influence, please speak to your cat about this.

Do not post pictures of me or discuss me on teh internets. I am overwhelmed with print journalists, TV cameras and bloggers looking for me, at me and being near me.

Fish the Cat: if you wish to look at pictures of Toads, order the Guide to All Things Beautiful and Froggy for your Kindle. Leave me alone.

I hope I make myself clear on this issue.

Verbena, V.A.T.*

*Very Attractive Toad

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Prayer from Whistle

Dear God, this is your Whistle.
Thank you for this day. Thank you for all I see around me.
For what is above my head, what is below my paws.
Thank you for everything!

Thank you for my brothers and my nanny, Sister the Dog.
Thank you for my humans.
Thank you for the big clay pot of catnip growing outside the window.
Thank you for all the birds out side; squirrels, too.

Thank you for Greenies, cat food and clean water.
Thank you for fresh litterboxes.
Thank you for the strength to jump high on the Study bookcases.
Thank you that no one saw me knock over the lamp in the dining room.

Thank you for my friends near and far.
Thank you for my green collar.
Thank you that I am dressed in clothes once a year on Halloween.
Thank you for ear scratches, purrs received with delight and bugs.

Thank you for making me and placing me in my home.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paws Up! to Lenny's

Lenny's Deli has an Orange Cat named "Curious" on their kid's meal cup.

I love seeing Orange cats!

I can't show you a picture of the cup because Dubby is wearing it as a hat.

Go Lenny's!

Whistle, An Orange Cat
This is my blog and I approve this message.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dubby: How I am Doing

When I grow up, I'm going to be a Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Dog, just like Sam!
Here is how I am doing:

Have big paws. CHECK

Have a soft fur coat. CHECK

Look just like Sam. CHECK

Ride in the Car. NOT SO GOOD

Go to Church with Momma. NOT SO GOOD

Bark at strangers. SORTA GOOD

Eat lots of food to be BIG. CHECK

Join the Berner Group. (I'm having trouble with this one. The Berners don't see as much resemblance to Sam as I do. Will work on this. Get a moustache or something. Maybe sunglasses.)

Love from Dubby

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitteh Update


I got a new piece of yarn! My birthday is coming up in August!
Momma came home and gave us Greenies!


I'm singing in the Catty Chorus this year! I'm singing a solo of "There are Greenies in Gilead" and get to wear a choir robe! My paper, "Why Cats Are So Great" won 2nd prize in the Essay Contest! I think my grades are good, as always!

Busy. Spring is busy. Monitoring squirrels and birds. Later, tater.

I hate Fluffy XXXXXXXX! She says I am stupid! She is mean to me everyday at Cat School. She told Mrs. Velvet Paws that I was the kitteh who ate the birthday cookies! I did not!

When we practiced our choral song, one of the younger kittehs pointed at my paws and laughed. I started crying and Prof. Whiskers asked me to go to his office! He was nice to me and licked my head but I feel sad.

I WILL NOT wash my nose! Nobody can make me. That dirt looks just like nose freckles.

I do not like anyone but Sister, my dog. I want to stay at home with her. I don't want to go to Cat School ever ever again.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mysteries of Life Together

I don't know why the silver candlestick on the mantle got to the floor. I heard the candle had toof marks and scratches, but how would I know?

Many mysteries around here.

Why does Dubby walk between the faucet and the faucet handles under running water?
He gets wet every time and surprised.

Why does Fish run through the house hollering?

Why does that squirrel at the bird feeder run away when I jump at the window?

I'd like answers.

Whistle, my birthday will be here before you know it! I love Greenies!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Enjoy this Blog

Go see our pal, Maru, whose blog appears here.

He lives in Japan.

Do Japanese cattages have Greenies?

Love from Whistle

This is my blog and I approve this message

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet News

Sister the Dog: Received certificate from Miss Barky's School of Canine Vocalization.
Top of class in: protective barking, various vocalizations

Whistle: I'm busy with Bottlecap Soccer and Pushing Around the Plantation Blinds. Extra points for games played late at night!

Dubby: Keeps pretending to need tutoring with eating GREENIES fed by Mom's hand. Geez! That cat is a mess! Need to mention he is learning Lap Sitting and doing well, according to Mom.

Fish: Wrote a blistering review of Naughty Naughty Kyle, a book about a Ginger cat who leaves good things around his home for his human. Got an "A" on the report!

Whistle, I don't miss much and this is my blog

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday

1 6 5 Days until my birthday.

Prepare yourself.

I will be 4 (Four) years old.

Whistle, this is my bloggage

Friday, March 13, 2009

Raccoon Butt Shelf

This could happen to anyone!

Go here to see how to help a raccoon.

I wish all people were kind to animals everyday.

Whistle, I have new lip freckles. Looking Good, if I say so myself!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Sister Got A Night Off

Sister, our nanny, slept a long, snoring dog sleep last night. She was all alone without any cat company!

Our humans can't get their clock thingies fixed so they know when to get up. She went through the house playing with the clocks on Saturday night. I do not know why she did this.

The humans go to bed earlier and forget to get up on time.

How odd! If only humans were cats. Time for cats is easy. When you are hungry, you go to the food bowl. Sleepy? Drop on the bed for a nap. Humans look at clocks to know what to do. Silly! Around bedtime last night, they got confused.

Last night, Fish got outside and stayed outside until this morning! He is exhausted and smells like outdoors!

Dubby and I were shut up in the pantry all night. What's with that? Listening to Dubby read the food labels is boring. No litter box! No water!

With Fish outside, Dubby and I in the kitchen pantry Sister had a night to herself.

love from Whistle, the Ace Cat Reporter

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whistle Took My Cuteness Without Asking!

First, Whistle comes home from Cat Hospital and everyone is like, "Oh Whistle! We are sooo glad you are home. Here, have a handfull of cat cookies!"

Then, he takes my special trick and runs into the bedroom dragging MY fish toy meowing JUST LIKE I DO.

I am so OVER him! Really, he is a pain in the paw.

Fish, who is reading Plato and not happy with Whistle

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back from the Cat Hospital!

Dr. Redhead let me come home this afternoon. I was ready to go!
I don't have a fever and I'm not dehydrated. I feel good and ready to eat all the cat cookies I missed getting.

Fish says he missed me so much he snuggled with Dubby last night. Hard to believe.
Dubby says he felt lonely and miserable without me.
Sister says, "I've been missing you, lil fella" She gave me several good sniffs and licked my head. I love her.

I have to take five more days of pills but no one knows what is wrong with me. I had a fever of unknown origin. I think I was so tired of February that I got sick.

Mom says she understands as she is tired of February, too.

Thanks for thinking of me. What would I do without my friends like you?


Whistle, this is my blog

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish: Guest Blogger Whistle in Hospital

My brother, Whistle, was admitted to the Edgewater Cat Hospital this morning with fever and weight loss!

His ears were warm!

He stayed under the ottoman in the living room for a day and a half!

He ate three cat cookies this morning but didn't enjoy them!

Dr. Red Head Who Loves Cats will give him meds and fluids!

We are all worried! Dubby is making Get Well Whistle Cards!

I feel sad and odd because my brother is NOT AT HOME WITH ME!


P.S. I found this picture on teh internets. Whistle does not have a hurt paw. This pic is for illustrative purposes only.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Note from Cat School

The Faculty of Cat School met to discuss Dubby's request that he be allowed to bring Sister the Dog to Show and Tell. While we appreciate the close relationship between Dubby and his nanny, Sister, we feel that Sister's presence at Cat School will be disruptive. Very few, if any, of our students live with dog nannys. While we hope for the day when all animals may gather in peace, that day has not come to Cat School. We hope you understand. Please call me if I may be of help to interpret our decision to Dubby further.


Prof. Whiskers

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Sister

I'm writing today about a dog I never sniffed.
Molly is Aunt Songbird's dog. Molly and I had several things in common: we are RevGalDogPals, we love Milkbone Dog cookies and we love Aunt Songbird.

When I was a puppy, Aunt Songbird helped my mom to learn to love me. Mom wanted to love me but a puppy is not a kitten. Mom is cat-oriented. I stained hardwood floors when I couldn't find the bathroom. I chewed stuff to make my teeth feel good. Mom doesn't like these things. When Aunt Songbird visited, I knew she would shine her dog love on me. In her reflection, Mom began to see me as me.

Before long, Mom loved me and says about me, "Sister is a good dog!" She values my work as a cat Nanny. She likes the protection I offer her by barking at strangers. She likes me to sit near her feet while she sews.

Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to make me sit when I get a dog cookie.

Isn't it funny how love flows around? Molly taught Aunt Songbird to love dogs, Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to love me and I taught my cats how to love me and each other.

I miss Molly already. She is now in the beautiful place where a dog can sniff, eat dog cookies and take long naps feeling great. Molly can walk and not feel weary, run and not faint. No elbow or paw pain anymore for Molly. When I go back to God, as Molly has, I will find her and give her the Great Sniff.

Aunt Songbird, we love you. I send you a long, mournful bark and tail subdued into stillness in honor of Molly. She was a fine dog.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fresh litter, how grand!
Either particles or sand,
the artist in me
makes piles or just pee
a canvas for expression
make hills or depressions?
Kick or flick it all out
stand still or turn about?

by Whistle, a cat who knows his litter

Monday, February 2, 2009

We went to the vet today.
We had to get in our cat carriers and ride in a car.
I had to share the cat carrier with Fish. Dubby was in the other carrier.
Fish and Dubby weigh 16 lbs. each. I weigh 15 lbs.
Everyone got two shots.
We had our temperatures taken in the wrong place.
It was so bad I can't discuss it further.

An entire bag of Greenies can't make me feel better.
But, you could try.

I may never be the same again.

Whistle, this is my blog and I approve this message

Guest Blogger: Fish

I take as my text, the Gospel lectionary passage for this week, Mark 1:37b-38a:

"they said to him, 'Everyone is searching for you'" He answered, Let us go to the neighboring towns"


Love, Fish

Going to the Vet

Hello. You've reached Cat Care Veterinary Hospital. Our hours are ... For emergencies, call ..... Please leave a message.

"ello, this is Dubby, I mean this is my Mom. We can't come to the vet today. We are busy. Please cancel our appointments."

Whistle: Dubby! You got it wrong! You said you were Mom!

Dubby: You told me to say I was Mom!

Whistle: No, you said you were Dubby then you said you were Mom!

Dubby: Oh. I used my Mom voice!

Whistle: We are in big trouble. Go hide! Go hide right now!

Dubby: What about breakfast?

Fish: This is ridiculous.

Whistle: Who asked you?

Fish: We are going to vet! No way out!

Whistle: The pet carriers aren't indoors. Are you sure?

Fish: I heard Her make the appointment.

Dubby: I feel sick.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fish: Guest Blogger

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animal

This is why I can't go to the Vet next week
This isn't a picture of me. I'm ADVENTURE CAT!

You get the idea anyway,


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cat School: Take Home Exam

Cat School Take Home Exam
Class: Human Interaction
Instructions: You may use Chapters 1-5 of Dr. Fluffy Tendertoes' Human Interaction for House Cats, 2007. Carrboro Cat Press books.
Student: Dubby

1. When your human is working on either a technical, craft or housework project, you:
a. stand where the human is working
b. sit where the human is working
c. play with tools, string or material of human
d. take a nap in another room

2. To wake up your human, you:
a. bite nose of human
b. put fresh litter box paws on human's mouth
c. start a Cat Party!
d. wait until the alarm clock sounds

3. If your human is sewing, knitting or crocheting, you:
a. play with thread or yarn
b. try to sit on human's lap or working area
c. pay no attention

4. If your water dish is empty, you:
a. stand in bowl and wail
b. kick bowl with paws for noise
c. wail
d. wait until the bowl is filled to drink

5. When a human enters the bathroom, you:
a. insist on coming into the bathroom
b. want to sit on human's lap if human sits
c. stare at human with amazement, every time
d. allow human privacy

6. If your human is reading, you:
a. keep the human company by sitting on the reading materials
b. yell for food
c. dash through the room acting terrified
d. curl up on the floor and take quiet nap

7. You are accused of bad cat behavior, you:
a. look innocent
b. refuse to move from offending area
c. take a good long bath
d. roll on your back, paws in the air and ask for forgiveness

8. When humans are away from your home, you:
a. do whatever you wish
b. find projects you are denied when humans are home
c. play with toilet paper or paper towel rolls
d. write poetry about how lonely you feel

9. Where is the highest place you can jump to to knock things off?
a. bedroom bookshelves
b. bookshelves in family room
c. pull down linens in linen closet
d. take a nap instead

10. How often do you try to run outdoors?
a. every time the exterior doors are opened
b. every day or so I make a run for it
c. tear the weather stripping off most exterior doors
d. never

Bonus Essay Question: Why Cat Contact is Important to My Humans. One page, single spaced.

****Dubby made an A+ 110 points

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shhh! Top Secret Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
this is dubby. guess what? mom is cleaning LD's room. i went in there to help and mom left me in there with the door closed. oh,it was scary. then, i needed to do my daily constitutional. i was stuck without my litter box. the only litter i could find was in the dust pan. that's where i did it. mom came in later and i ran out. she was mad because she smelled cat business. then she saw where i did it and gave me a hug for ingenuity. don't tell anyone because this is a secret.
love, dubby

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Yorker Cover

Woo! Woo!

Whistle, a New Yorker subscriber, is featured on the cover of the newest issue!
We are so proud of him. He's never been to NYC but somehow he's on the cover!

Fish, his brother

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dubby Completes Christmas Cat Cookie Tutoring

Dear Prof. Whiskers:
Dubby learned to eat cat cookies from a human's hands during the Christmas Break.
He is a fine young cat who works hard to do his studies.
Sister, Cat Nanny

Dear Prof. Whiskers,
Dubby is bogus! He pretends to need tutoring in cat cookies! He just pretends!
A friend

Dear Professor Whiskers:
I know how to eat cat cookies from my human's hands! It's fun!
I am a big cat now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cat Report

Whistle: I've had a great time with my gifts and Greenies. I wish the President of Greenies would make me the Poster Cat. I'd be good at it. I've visited with Aunt Songbird. She loves me best. She brought a ball of string to me! I have to be "supervised" because I am a "string/ribbon eater" according to my people. I am not ready for Cat School to begin.

Fish: Loved being with my Aunt Songbird! She loves me best! She understands contemplative kitties who are serious by nature. She thinks I am very smart. I spent most of my holidays under the covers thinking deep thoughts about avoiding all of the Boy's friends. It's noisy here all the time. I finished my paper on Scottish Cat Saints days ago so I'm ready to go back to Cat School.

Dubby: My Aunt Songbird thinks I am so smart and wonderful! She likes me best. You can tell she understands me really well and thinks I am a great Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Cat. I learned how to eat Cat Cookies from Mom's hand. Prof. Whiskers sent home a note about cat cookie tutoring during the holidays. I practiced over and over!
Mom thinks I'm studying cat cookies! Hee Hee. I want to go back to school to see my friends.

Andy: Worked hard. Came inside to eat and take a few naps. Avoided the Gingers and Tappy Toes. Can't stand these cushy indoor cats. Chased squirrels, terrorized the birds and kept the property free of vagrants.