Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Dog like Sister!

I like seeing tiger kittehs sitting with their Dog Nanny.
We have Sister, the Greatest Dog Nanny in the World, at our house.
I love Sister! We all love her!

Excuse me, I want to go head bump Sister because I love her.

Whistle, this is MY blog!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reporting In: Summer Activities

Whistle: I'm taking an online class in Cat History! You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many ginger cats helped in the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Civil Rights and the Hula Hoop Craze! Seems like you can't have good history without a ginger cat!

Fish: Reading books on Cat Camping! I am Adventure Cat! Professor Whiskers asked me to write a song for Cat School Opening Day! My song features ME!, beating up rats!, being brave! and handsome! Everyone will love it!

Dubby: All I do is keep up with my tribe through FB and texting. I've finished my Summer Book list. Now I'm reading books I like: the Twilight Series, Bearnaise Sauce Mountin Cats in History, How Cats with Great Toes Saved Egypt and Cat Cookies: How to Get Them. Mom opened a door and smushed me last night. She said it was an "accident". I hope so because I got scared and ran away to eat a bit of cat kibble. I ate a bit more to keep my strength up.

Whistle: I have a new cat bed! No one else may sleep in it. It's mine! Fish! Don't get in my new cat bed!

Dubby: My head hurty is healing! Everyone says the shaved patch looks cool!

Fish: Hey Whistle! Your butt DOES look big in "your" new cat bed! HA!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Important Message from Whistle

81 Days Until My Birthday!

Just a friendly reminder! Preparation is Everything! Planning Now Saves Sorrow Later!
Don't Forget! Get Ready! Be Prepared!

Love from the Birthday Boy,

Whistle This is MY blog and I approve this message.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cat School Librarian Suggestions

To: Sister, the Dog
From: Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd

Re: Request for Summer Book Suggestions for Fish, Whistle and Dubby

Dear Sister:
Thank you for your kind note requesting help with finding books for the boys to read.

Having heard of Fish's devotion to the Twilight series, I suggest he read the Father Tim books by Jan Karon. These books are the sequel to the Mitford series of several years ago. Father Tim's gentleness and perspective will help Fish focus on good cat behavior.

Whistle found Bird Identification Finals a bit difficult. Perhaps Whistle would enjoy reading Roger Tory Peterson's North American Bird book ONE MORE TIME. Quiz him about the birds at the kitchen bird feeder. Make a game of it!

I suggest Dubby read "Don't Let Your Brother Bite You" by Furry Choate.

Professor Whiskers sends his best regards and looks forward to seeing the cat boys in the school library this summer. We are open 24/7 and have fresh bowls of water available. Remind the boys of the "Read a Book---Get a Cat Cookie" event all Summer.

Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dubby's Fierce Bad Day

Dear Diary,
I'm glad I can tell you stuff because around here, there isn't privacy. A brother is close by all the time!
You know how Fish and Whistle read those Twilight Books? About vampires biting animals? Whistle has two new lip freckles he says look just like vampire teef. Then Fish runs around outside in the courtyard yelling, " Say it! Say what I am!". It is upsetting I'm telling you.
Saturday, Fish grabbed me and bit me on the side of the head. He was pretending to be a vampire in those books! He took a chunk of my fur off with skin attached! It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything. Blood!
Fish got bored and went off to check his Twitter messages on his FB.
My girl saw my owie and told Mom. Mom cleaned it out with hurting stuff then gave me a HAND FULL of cat cookies.
Today, it was awful! I went in the car in my cat carrier to the Vet!!!!!!!!!
So scary! Even with my girl and Mom along.
Now I have to take ant buy optics. Now I have a shaved place on my head. Now Fish is being nice to me but I am worried.
Don't read those Twilight books, Diary. You might bite a kitten.
Love from Dubby

P.S. I cannot show you a picture of my owie. I can't hold the camera so it points at behind my ear. I tried. Love from Dubby

P.S.S. Fish is a bad kitty. Don't tell anyone I said this.