Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cat School Librarian Suggestions

To: Sister, the Dog
From: Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd

Re: Request for Summer Book Suggestions for Fish, Whistle and Dubby

Dear Sister:
Thank you for your kind note requesting help with finding books for the boys to read.

Having heard of Fish's devotion to the Twilight series, I suggest he read the Father Tim books by Jan Karon. These books are the sequel to the Mitford series of several years ago. Father Tim's gentleness and perspective will help Fish focus on good cat behavior.

Whistle found Bird Identification Finals a bit difficult. Perhaps Whistle would enjoy reading Roger Tory Peterson's North American Bird book ONE MORE TIME. Quiz him about the birds at the kitchen bird feeder. Make a game of it!

I suggest Dubby read "Don't Let Your Brother Bite You" by Furry Choate.

Professor Whiskers sends his best regards and looks forward to seeing the cat boys in the school library this summer. We are open 24/7 and have fresh bowls of water available. Remind the boys of the "Read a Book---Get a Cat Cookie" event all Summer.

Librarian Fluffy C. Holmes-Southerd


1-4 Grace said...

We are reading this summer too. Madelyn is learning to trust other Who-man-beans and Melech is reading classic Litter-Uh-Ture for cats.
Mugsy is reading the Southbeach Cat Diet (but he keeps making faces). I am reading a book about antique collectible kittehs (cause Momma haz them).
Momma is reading the book that your Momma suggested, but she said your Mom should NOT read the book about Dewey, the Library Cat because it made her eyes water and gave her a stopped up nose for 2 days.
Mia, the Por-cee-lan Cat

Sue said...

Good suggestions all. I especially like the Jan Karon suggestion. There is a gentleness to these books that all three boys might benefit from. I may re-read them here as well.

Whistle said...

1-4, Mom says she got the Dewey Book for Christmas and it made her happy to know the library had a cat but sad the author discussed other things NOT JUST CATS.