Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reporting In: Summer Activities

Whistle: I'm taking an online class in Cat History! You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many ginger cats helped in the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Civil Rights and the Hula Hoop Craze! Seems like you can't have good history without a ginger cat!

Fish: Reading books on Cat Camping! I am Adventure Cat! Professor Whiskers asked me to write a song for Cat School Opening Day! My song features ME!, beating up rats!, being brave! and handsome! Everyone will love it!

Dubby: All I do is keep up with my tribe through FB and texting. I've finished my Summer Book list. Now I'm reading books I like: the Twilight Series, Bearnaise Sauce Mountin Cats in History, How Cats with Great Toes Saved Egypt and Cat Cookies: How to Get Them. Mom opened a door and smushed me last night. She said it was an "accident". I hope so because I got scared and ran away to eat a bit of cat kibble. I ate a bit more to keep my strength up.

Whistle: I have a new cat bed! No one else may sleep in it. It's mine! Fish! Don't get in my new cat bed!

Dubby: My head hurty is healing! Everyone says the shaved patch looks cool!

Fish: Hey Whistle! Your butt DOES look big in "your" new cat bed! HA!


Songbird said...

Dear Dubby and other cats who are not Bearnaise Sauce Cats, but who are my Gulf Coast cousins anyway,
I am having a good summer, even though it's been cool and rainy here. My Papa Bear came home!!! I am happy about it. We are going for woods walks together and are too busy playing video games and celebrating the Summer Festival of Meat Loaf to read books. Check out my Dogbook page to see my favorite parks! I especially like Greyberry Woods.
Your friend and cousin,

1-4 Grace said...

We are glad our cat cousins are okay and have not had any her-uh-canes yet.
We don't like big storms.
Mia's ears look good and Mugsy is doing great with his asthma.
Melech got annoyed with the little boy who came to visit Monday and Maddy is learning to like her grandparents.

Rev Kim said...

Dear Whistle,

I have a new bed, too. I love it. It is very thick and cushy, and has soft fleece on one side. My grandmama gave it to me when we visited her last week. Newman the Catahoula is trying to get in it. How do you suggest I keep him out? I've put my new doggie quilt that a nice lady at church made with MY name on it in the bed, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Your friend,

Redford the Boxer Puppy, who ate part of Dave's lemon meringue birthday pie last night when it was left on the kitchen counter

Sue said...

Dear Whistle,
Ouzo has a dog crate. Yes, a dog crate. He sleeps in it at night so that I won't wake him up and bother him. The Cat Whisperer Vet said it would help him feel safe to be able to see our Mom and Dad at night. It must be working because he snores a lot, 'specially since he had new-monia last month.

Hi Whistle,
I have a new bed in a great big crate made for ~whispers~ dogs. It's okay though because it has a comfy bed and room for a little litter pan should I need it in the night. I like waking up and seeing my Dad right next to me. I can't sleep on the bed because Truffle is mean and whacks me. It's better if I have my own room.

Have a good summer!