Monday, June 1, 2009

Dubby's Fierce Bad Day

Dear Diary,
I'm glad I can tell you stuff because around here, there isn't privacy. A brother is close by all the time!
You know how Fish and Whistle read those Twilight Books? About vampires biting animals? Whistle has two new lip freckles he says look just like vampire teef. Then Fish runs around outside in the courtyard yelling, " Say it! Say what I am!". It is upsetting I'm telling you.
Saturday, Fish grabbed me and bit me on the side of the head. He was pretending to be a vampire in those books! He took a chunk of my fur off with skin attached! It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything. Blood!
Fish got bored and went off to check his Twitter messages on his FB.
My girl saw my owie and told Mom. Mom cleaned it out with hurting stuff then gave me a HAND FULL of cat cookies.
Today, it was awful! I went in the car in my cat carrier to the Vet!!!!!!!!!
So scary! Even with my girl and Mom along.
Now I have to take ant buy optics. Now I have a shaved place on my head. Now Fish is being nice to me but I am worried.
Don't read those Twilight books, Diary. You might bite a kitten.
Love from Dubby

P.S. I cannot show you a picture of my owie. I can't hold the camera so it points at behind my ear. I tried. Love from Dubby

P.S.S. Fish is a bad kitty. Don't tell anyone I said this.


Songbird said...

Oh my goodness! That is even a worse story than Puss Puss being attached by the Evil Ginger Cat Who Just Moved to Our Street!!! EGCWJMtOS even attacked SAM, can you believe it? I hope you are healing up well and will take your medicine bravely. SAM says all Bearnaise Sauce Cats and Dogs do that.
Aunt Songbird

LMK said...

This is really, really sad.
I think Fish is heading down a really bad path. Bad Fish, bad. I hope he's confessing and getting absolution right now.

I'm happy that your Girl was there to help you out and tell your mom that you were hurted and that you had to take the scary trip to the betitarian .

Why did the betitarian give you a new haircut, I wonder?

I'm worried about you. I hope Fish shapes up. My advice: stay close to the girl and to Sister. I think girls are more trustworthy than boys where getting bit is concerned.

Oh, and today's my birthday.
I'm three.
I'll send you all my presents a'cause you NEED them!

1-4 Grace said...

I haz an owie too where I got bited by one of my brothers. I thought you aren't suppossed to be mean to girls!
I am sorry you got an owie and haz to take aunt buy otics.
P.S. Bad, fish, evil cat...grrrrrr!

Sue said...

Oh, poor poor Dubby. Bites are bad and they hurt a lot don't they? I hope yours heals very quickly.

Mary Beth said...

I just knew those Twilight books were gonna be trouble. I don't care for them!