Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Word from Whistle: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This black cat reminds me of Cousin Bea in NC. She's shiny black furred like this pic. Some people fear black furred cats. THIS IS FURISM and is WRONG. All cat fur is beautiful, even those fur less kitties.

Cats don't want candy for Trick or Treat. Give Cat Cookies instead!

No Halloween Costumes for Cats! Ever!

Make Halloween a GREENIES holiday! Place open bags of Greenies around your home!

People who are mean to cats go to you-know-where.... See Cat Scripture, 2 Fluffy 12:3-7.

If you have a younger cat, the youngest brother like Dubby, you may MAKE HIM WEAR HIS MOUSE COSTUME FROM LAST YEAR. All day, just sayin'

Whistle, I know this stuff. I am four years old.


Sue said...

If Dubby wears his costume will you post a picture? I agree, all cats should have extra cat cookies on Halloween.

1-4 Grace said...

We got some new cat cookies for Halloween! We did nto have to wear costumes this year and got extra cuddles for ALL Saints Day in honor of the cats of the family who have gone on in past years.
They were named: Rosie, Fraidy da First, Rufus1,Midnight, and Deuteronomy.
We did not know them, but they had to be really good and speshul kitties.
We are being lazy now.

Mia and Maddy

Anonymous said...

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