Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it Creepy?

for me to be a cat blogger? I read somewhere it is creepy for cats to speak.
I meditated on this for weeks, discussed it with fellow cat bloggers Fish and Dubby who said "who cares?".

We've been busy. Cat School is tough for older cats like us. Dubby has it easy because he is a kitten-type. He's making string pictures with knots and gluing macaroni on construction paper...

I am NOT dressing up for Halloween. Not! Not! Not!

Love from,

Mom thinks this LOLCat is hilarious. What do you think?


LMK said...

Of course it isn't creepy. If kitties didn't blog, nobody would know what we thought. And I have many thoughts.

Rev Kim said...

We think the picture of the cat is hilarious. But we generally find cats to be curious creatures.

Your canine-sometimes-bloggers,

Newman & Redford

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
Please tell your Mom that the LOLCats Cat is NOT a gentleman. But you are.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

It is a cool picture. Momma makes pictures of us all the time. She thinks they are funny, esp when we are asleep.

I am NOT dressing up for Halloween and they can't make me!
Mugsy Andrew

Rev SS said...

I love the LOLcat picture ... it might be me, 'cause I lay like that a lot


Sue said...

Why would it be creepy for kittehs to blog? I don't get it. How else would we know what they are thinking?

I love that LOLcat too.