Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Diary...

dear diary
this is dubby only five days until NEW MOON. all of my cat friends are going!
we are all wuffs who love jacob black who is a human who turns into a wuff. i wish my people could be wuffs but no luck there.
i am sneaking in here to use the computer. whistle is sleeping on the bed. fish is sleeping in the laundry basket. heh heh they are NOT going to the movie. no way. they are not wuffs and don't want to be wuffs. my brothers are not cool.
love from your dubby


Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
You are very cool. I am looking forward to seeing the movie, and to seeing you again before too long!
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

Dear Dubby,
I think you ar cool too. I wud lik to go see New Moon, but the who-man-beans at the movie place say no animals, except service animals. I provide lots of services here. Does that count?
Are you a service animal?
Melech is better. He is tryig to eat my food now