Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fresh litter, how grand!
Either particles or sand,
the artist in me
makes piles or just pee
a canvas for expression
make hills or depressions?
Kick or flick it all out
stand still or turn about?

by Whistle, a cat who knows his litter


Spooky said...

Heehee...You're a very good poet.

I'm very choosy about my litter. I have TWO boxes - I only pee in one and I only poo in the other one. I'm really talented in the scatter-the-litter-all-over-the-floor category, too.

Whistle said...

Spooky, you are so very lucky! I share two cat boxes with my brothers. I left a post-it note yesterday on Mom's pillow suggesting adding a third litter box but she didn't do anything.

Really, we try hard to communicate. THEY pay no attention.

You litter kick, too? Great sport, huh?

Sue said...

Litter-kicking is a very important part of our day here. We spread it as far as we possibly can. Thank you for putting it so poetically!

Truffle & Ouzo

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!!! :-) great blog: love your profile photo.
Thanks for visiting and providing info on the elephant with glasses :-)

1-4 Grace said...

We only have two cat boxes and when Momma changes tehm, i go and immeatly add to it!
Mugsy, Litter Kickin' King

1-4 Grace said...

Whistle and Fish!!!!!!!
Andy and Dubby!!!!!!
We have a new little sister.
her name is Madelyn or Maddy for short.
She stayed at the vet-ur-nair-yons to get a spade. How do cats play spades without opposable thumbs?
Just thinking...