Monday, February 2, 2009

Going to the Vet

Hello. You've reached Cat Care Veterinary Hospital. Our hours are ... For emergencies, call ..... Please leave a message.

"ello, this is Dubby, I mean this is my Mom. We can't come to the vet today. We are busy. Please cancel our appointments."

Whistle: Dubby! You got it wrong! You said you were Mom!

Dubby: You told me to say I was Mom!

Whistle: No, you said you were Dubby then you said you were Mom!

Dubby: Oh. I used my Mom voice!

Whistle: We are in big trouble. Go hide! Go hide right now!

Dubby: What about breakfast?

Fish: This is ridiculous.

Whistle: Who asked you?

Fish: We are going to vet! No way out!

Whistle: The pet carriers aren't indoors. Are you sure?

Fish: I heard Her make the appointment.

Dubby: I feel sick.


Songbird said...

Nice try, boys.
You'll do fine.
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

You should do what I do. When Momma tries to put me in the carrier, I spread all four legs as far out as i can, then she cant put me in the carrier.