Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Note from Cat School

The Faculty of Cat School met to discuss Dubby's request that he be allowed to bring Sister the Dog to Show and Tell. While we appreciate the close relationship between Dubby and his nanny, Sister, we feel that Sister's presence at Cat School will be disruptive. Very few, if any, of our students live with dog nannys. While we hope for the day when all animals may gather in peace, that day has not come to Cat School. We hope you understand. Please call me if I may be of help to interpret our decision to Dubby further.


Prof. Whiskers


Sue said...

Oh Dubby, don't be too disappointed. Perhaps you could bring a good picture of Sister and write a fine essay on how she is the best dog nanny ever.

Truffle and Ouzo (who are both homeschooled cats without a nanny)

Jan said...

I think Professor Whiskers is a wise teacher, Dubby. We are told to consider our weaker brothers and sisters. There may be some at school who are weaker in their attitude to dogs, even though she is a good nanny.

I could have used her a few months ago when I was chased into my house by two dogs and nearly killed by them. My hospital stay cost my humans lots and lots of anguish and money as I was at the animal hospital with many nasty tubes in me for ten days!

There may be others who feel like me there. We know in our heart that Sister is a good dog, but we would not be happy with her there. So consider your weaker brothers and sisters.

Sweetpea, the tiny Abyssinian whose pelvis was broken and muscles ripped apart by dogs. I had big holes in my tummy too from their teeth.

1-4 Grace said...

So sorry Dubster. I had two dog pals in that other place I once lived in the a part of a ment.
I liked them a lot.Maybe you could carry a photo of sister

Whistle said...

Dear Sweetpea! I am so sorry dogs hurt you! I am mad about this! If Sister saw those dogs she would teach them how to be GOOD DOGS.

I hope you feel better and I send hiss and spit to those stinky dogs!

Your pal,