Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Sister

I'm writing today about a dog I never sniffed.
Molly is Aunt Songbird's dog. Molly and I had several things in common: we are RevGalDogPals, we love Milkbone Dog cookies and we love Aunt Songbird.

When I was a puppy, Aunt Songbird helped my mom to learn to love me. Mom wanted to love me but a puppy is not a kitten. Mom is cat-oriented. I stained hardwood floors when I couldn't find the bathroom. I chewed stuff to make my teeth feel good. Mom doesn't like these things. When Aunt Songbird visited, I knew she would shine her dog love on me. In her reflection, Mom began to see me as me.

Before long, Mom loved me and says about me, "Sister is a good dog!" She values my work as a cat Nanny. She likes the protection I offer her by barking at strangers. She likes me to sit near her feet while she sews.

Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to make me sit when I get a dog cookie.

Isn't it funny how love flows around? Molly taught Aunt Songbird to love dogs, Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to love me and I taught my cats how to love me and each other.

I miss Molly already. She is now in the beautiful place where a dog can sniff, eat dog cookies and take long naps feeling great. Molly can walk and not feel weary, run and not faint. No elbow or paw pain anymore for Molly. When I go back to God, as Molly has, I will find her and give her the Great Sniff.

Aunt Songbird, we love you. I send you a long, mournful bark and tail subdued into stillness in honor of Molly. She was a fine dog.



Mrs. M said...

I just cried like a baby. Thanks for your thoughts, Sister.

1-4 Grace said...

These are beautiful thougths for Aunt Songbird and Molly. You are a very sensitive and lovign dog.
Aunt 1-4 G

Songbird said...

Dear Sister,
Thank you for your kind words. You are a very good girl, indeed.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

Sue said...

Pass the tissues Mrs. M. - crying over here too.

Sister, you are indeed a good dog. Thank you for sharing your good thoughts with us.

Rev SS said...

Pass those tissues my way, too. This is a beautiful post, Sister. Thank you.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Sister... what a beautiful tribute to Molly.

Mary Beth said...

Sister, you are so wise. Thank you.