Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish: Guest Blogger Whistle in Hospital

My brother, Whistle, was admitted to the Edgewater Cat Hospital this morning with fever and weight loss!

His ears were warm!

He stayed under the ottoman in the living room for a day and a half!

He ate three cat cookies this morning but didn't enjoy them!

Dr. Red Head Who Loves Cats will give him meds and fluids!

We are all worried! Dubby is making Get Well Whistle Cards!

I feel sad and odd because my brother is NOT AT HOME WITH ME!


P.S. I found this picture on teh internets. Whistle does not have a hurt paw. This pic is for illustrative purposes only.


Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

FEel better, Whistle!!
and Henry

Joan Calvin said...

Whistle, you are in my prayers.

Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
Thank you for this thorough report. Please know that all the people and animals here are praying for Whistle's speedy recovery.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

Littlemankitty said...

Oh, no....
Whistle get better--get OUT of that icky hospital and come HOME and eat kitty treats with your brother.
That's what I say.

(Fish, you better sleep with your humans tonight so they don't get skeered.)

Whistle said...

Tiria, Henry, Aunt Songbird,LMK, thanks! We are worried about Whistle but we won't hear from Dr.RedHead until Mom gets home from Church. I'll let you know what the vet tage says.

LMK, I did sleep with my humans because they were lonely for Whistle. Dubby did, too.
Love, from Fish

RevAnne said...

Best wishes for Whistle!

Spooky said...

Fish, how sweet of you to be so concerned about Whistle! Of course, I am purring for Whistle's recovery.

Tiggie FOC said... had me freaked out there with that picture.
Whistle buddy...keep your whiskers up and get well soon.
Purring hard.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Fish, I just found out! Is there an update yet?

Anonymous said...

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