Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whistle Took My Cuteness Without Asking!

First, Whistle comes home from Cat Hospital and everyone is like, "Oh Whistle! We are sooo glad you are home. Here, have a handfull of cat cookies!"

Then, he takes my special trick and runs into the bedroom dragging MY fish toy meowing JUST LIKE I DO.

I am so OVER him! Really, he is a pain in the paw.

Fish, who is reading Plato and not happy with Whistle


Sue said...

Oh dear. Fish, you are a contemplative cat, so I know that with some reflection you will see that Whistle is simply milking his hospital visit for all it is worth. If that means extra cat cookies, so be it. I'm sure if you keep reading, that Plato person probably said something similar.

Try not to worry - soon things will be back to normal.

Truffle (who received a new bed for sleeping in because she was stealing Ouzo's bed ALL. THE. TIME.)

Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
I remember how Whistle visited you when you were confined with your hurt leg. I hope you will be patient with him, just as he waited cheerfully for you to be better.
With love,
Aunt Songbird

Whistle said...

MySue, Aunt Songbird, I know you are telling me the trueff. Sometimes I wish I had my own trick without people copying me. Is drinking on the edge of the water bowl so that water gets on the floor a good trick? I can do it!
Love, Fish who is glad to have Whistle home again

Sue said...

Fish - that IS a good trick. I do it everyday!


1-4 Grace said...

Oh Fish. I understand totlally.
Everybody made a fuss over Mugsy because he had another asthma attack and then Madelyn had to get her booster shots and have her eyes flushed, so she gets special attention.
We should go on a cruise together for conemplative cats. We could read Plato, drin tuna juice and eat salmon.
A very resigned,

1-4 Grace said...

Oh and how about the trick where you pick out only the food pieces you like a leave the others on the ground?
I think it is cool

1-4 Grace said...

Hope that Whistle is better and Fish is not so upset anymores.
Mugsy Andrew