Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet News

Sister the Dog: Received certificate from Miss Barky's School of Canine Vocalization.
Top of class in: protective barking, various vocalizations

Whistle: I'm busy with Bottlecap Soccer and Pushing Around the Plantation Blinds. Extra points for games played late at night!

Dubby: Keeps pretending to need tutoring with eating GREENIES fed by Mom's hand. Geez! That cat is a mess! Need to mention he is learning Lap Sitting and doing well, according to Mom.

Fish: Wrote a blistering review of Naughty Naughty Kyle, a book about a Ginger cat who leaves good things around his home for his human. Got an "A" on the report!

Whistle, I don't miss much and this is my blog


Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
Here is the pet news at my house. Molly used to clean things up around here. Our cat Baby leaves, um, stuff around. I never paid attention, but now I figure it's my job. So I clean up. Puss Puss doesn't leave stuff around, and she's not scared of me, and I like her.
Today I went for walk with three big boys. They took me to see the ducks, which I like a lot, even better than stuff, even though I don't get to clean up ducks.
Your friend,

Tiggie FOC said...

Hey Whis!

I never thought about that "learning greenies eating" trick before. Thanks for the tip!

1-4 Grace said...

I have learned how to chase my blue mousie at 3AM and I make my noise tht is a cross between a meow and a purr.
It sounds likes dis, " BBBBWOOOOOEEEPPPP"
I also like to grab Momma's foot when she is asweep. You should see her jump! Hee-hee
P.S. The Greenies eating trick is brilliant. I msut try this

Sue said...

Hmmm...Greenie trick. Dubby is getting smarter all the time.

It sounds as if all is in good order at your house Whistle. I'm sure you are responsible for this. Have you any new freckles to show us?

Around here, poor Ouzo is having some "litterbox issues" and needs to see the doctor on Monday. We're kind of worried about him, so if you're inclined, please do say a kitteh prayer for him.

Me? I'm fine. But no one stays awake at night to play with me.


Whistle said...

Hey Everybody! Thanks for commenting here!

Sam, you know Dubby idolizes you and pretends to be a Bearnaise Sauce Dog every day!

Tiggie, LEARN FROM ME! Hee Hee

Madelyn, don't let your human sleep!

Truffle, I'll ask my human to pray for Ouzo. i'm sorry about the litter box issues. We all have 'em.
Are you going to the RGBP thingie with Sue? I'm not going because I'd have to stay in a cat carrier for the trip. Ugh! Not me! No way!

Littlemankitty said...

Here's the news at my part of a ment:

Girlkitty has been working on her indignant head toss. She practices it every time I jump on her back, but I know she doesn't really mean it.

LMK, cat of the universe, is practicing object control. Things keep moving in my part of a ment, and so I try to stop any future moving by sitting on mama every chance I get. She's the mover of stuff. So far, so good. The last two days: no furniture has moved. I'll let you know more next week.

You are very busy in your house. You are my meow models.

Sue said...

Dear Whistle,

No travel for us, except for Ouzo who has to go in the C-A-R *shudders* on Monday. (Mom hasn't told him yet, but I overheard her on the phone with the V-E-T).

Nope. Mom will have to travel alone.

Truffle, who likes her own princess bed thankyouverymuch.