Friday, March 13, 2009

Raccoon Butt Shelf

This could happen to anyone!

Go here to see how to help a raccoon.

I wish all people were kind to animals everyday.

Whistle, I have new lip freckles. Looking Good, if I say so myself!


1-4 Grace said...

We haz a racoon that comes to eat catfood on the deck. He is BIG! Momma says it is 'portant to take care of all God's creatures.
What are lip freckles?
Mugsy Andrew

1-4 Grace said...

Our Momma made a chicken pop pie. We do not know why the chickens go pop, but anyhow, she gave us all some cooked chicken to eat. It was very, very good.
We hope your momma makes pop pies too.
Melech, Mugsy, and Maddy