Sunday, May 17, 2009

News from Around Here

Whistle here.

Cat School finals have everyone in a tizzy. Dubby is convinced Fluffy will be his lab partner next year. He says he is quitting school to become a drop-out and get tattoos. Mom says "NO".

Fish won the Catzinger Longtail Award for Best Behavior, Cat Citizenship, the Rotary Scholarship for Nappage, the Blue Ribbon Hairball Hacking Award and the Chat Prize in French. We aren't supposed to know this until Awards Day but Fish told us. Several. Times.

I'm passing my courses, doing well in String Play, Whiffle Ball and Midnight Meowing.
I'm the year book editor with Blast next year. I need two new cameras!

Today we are practicing Hair Ball Hacking. Mom says if she sees one more attempt left on the floor, we are in trouble. This doesn't make sense! Hacking hairballs is nature's way of cleaning out fur and detritus, like beads and tiny Leggos.

Dubby lost his only friend. According to Dubs, Frank the Flea, was a great friend and chatted Dubby up all day and night. We got flea treatment yesterday. Dubby tried to save Frank who died a horrible chemical-tainted death. I don't mind flea treatment. Mom gives us Greenies when she puts the stuff on us.

Fish got stuck under the bedcovers last night. He complained in a loud Meow until Mom freed him. He's so strange.

Verbena wants privacy. Fish wants to pat Verbena. More later because I see this as a real problem.

Frances the Turtle is moving by the windows. She looks great. I wave at her and she ignores me.

Mom has her suitcase out. I hate this. No Greenies during the day time. Water bowl doesn't get filled and we won't get to listen to Urban Contemporary or Classical music all day long. He's OK but doesn't wait on us hand and paw.

Mom says she heard people meowing at LD's school. She says they are pretending to be at Cat School. Go figure. I wish LD stayed home. She goes and comes and goes again.
I love her. Everyone loves her.

Love from Fish. I approve this post. Everybody else (that mean You Fish and You Dubby) stay OFF my Bloggage!!!


Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
Don't worry, she will be back soon, and I predict Double Greenies upon her return.
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

Our momma is leaving too! She has her suitcase out and was tellling our grandma-ma about the medicine. We were hoping she would forget that part.
She also put the flea stuff on us.
We don't like it when she is gone. Maddy likes to run and watch the flush when Momma goes potty. Mugsy can't wake her up in the morning and Mia does not have anyone to rub her ears.
We will have to count down the days until they return together. Oh and we get treats.
Peace of the Paw,

LMK said...

Dear Whistle, how are you?
I miss you. I like your long newsy posts. It makes me think I'm right there with you. I hope you do good on all of your tests. I'm being home schooled. I sit on the couch and think important thoughts. I think about home, mostly. Mama says that I have to shape up or I have to go to Big Boy School where I have to take up a sport and try not to get beat up on the playground. Mama keeps saying I'm getting a sister which doesn't make no sense because I HAVE a sister. But maybe I'm getting a dog sister, a nanny. That would be good. I'd like someone who's more interesting than that boring old girl. Today there was a birdy outside my window and then yesterday a squirrel and that's all I know. Write me back, okay? Will you be my best friend? I'll friend you on facebook, okay and you can come to my birthday party next year. I'll get you a ticket to go on the airplane where mama says there are snacks but nothing i would like. Bye, your best friend. LMK, a big boy.

Psalmist said...

Dear Whistle,

I'm Molly. My mama is Psalmist. Mama told me all about you and Fish and Dubby, and about your dog Sister and the Very Attractive Toad Verbena, and Frances the Turtle, so I decided to come read for myself. Your house sounds like a fun place to live. And you even get to go to school! I don't know if my mama will send me to school this fall or not.

Right now, though, I'm giving Mama some really intense therapy. You see, she came to the Pets-are-Smart store last month, really sad because her cat Rosie went to the Rainbow Bridge. As soon as she sat down with me, I picked Mama to go home with. When I got to our house, I met my sister cat Jenny. She was sad, too; she missed Rosie as much as Mama did, she said. But Jenny was old and she got really sick, and then she went to the Rainbow Bridge, too. Kitties don't come back from there. So I told Mama I wouldn't go there for a long, long time. I sit in her lap every day and cuddle up to her ear and purr and tell her so. She says I'm a gift from God (sometimes humans say the most obvious things). As I said, she needs my therapy.

I think Mama may bring home a new sister or brother cat before long. I hope she does, because it's lonesome here when she goes to work, and she works All.The.Time! In fact, I think I'd better sign off this computer so I can tell her it's time to go to bed. Work and cat therapy take a lot out of a human and she needs her rest.

I'm going to ask Mama to set up a blog for me, and while she's at it, I will tell her it's time for her to start blogging again. I'll let you know about my blog - come visit me there, 'K?

Your new friend Molly

P.S. I'm a really cute tuxedo cat. You'll know it's me by my tiny white goatee chin and four white socks (Peds in the front and crew socks in the back). I'd tell you about my bikini tummy markings, but Mama says that wouldn't be in very good taste.

1-4 Grace said...

Momma said we should write and say thank you. You told us about the Boda Cat Toliet and she bought us one. Now that more kittehs lives here, she got another one. It has steps up in it and then you goes down to the toliet part. It is very high suh-sigh-tee!
We now has three bathrooms.
Momma only has two!
Thank you for being our friend and helping our Momma to know about Bodas!
Love and POTP,
Your cat cousins in the Pal-met-oh state