Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Memo from Verbena

To: Sister the Dog, Fish the Cat,etc., etc.

Dear All:

If you wish me to remain as the Resident Courtyard Toad for the Summer of 2009,please do not approach me with your cat nose or even look at me. Sister the Dog, if you have influence, please speak to your cat about this.

Do not post pictures of me or discuss me on teh internets. I am overwhelmed with print journalists, TV cameras and bloggers looking for me, at me and being near me.

Fish the Cat: if you wish to look at pictures of Toads, order the Guide to All Things Beautiful and Froggy for your Kindle. Leave me alone.

I hope I make myself clear on this issue.

Verbena, V.A.T.*

*Very Attractive Toad


LMK said...

Your Toad is a little bit of a princess, isn't she?

Songbird said...

Sounds more like an Empress to me.

Rev SS said...

Now that's a toad with a 'tude!

1-4 Grace said...

Our toads can't rite or type or nothin'. Does your toad haz a sec-rah-terry?
Momma sez this must be a high maintenace toad

Sue said...

Yup, that toad has some 'tude, no question.