Friday, January 23, 2009

Shhh! Top Secret Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
this is dubby. guess what? mom is cleaning LD's room. i went in there to help and mom left me in there with the door closed. oh,it was scary. then, i needed to do my daily constitutional. i was stuck without my litter box. the only litter i could find was in the dust pan. that's where i did it. mom came in later and i ran out. she was mad because she smelled cat business. then she saw where i did it and gave me a hug for ingenuity. don't tell anyone because this is a secret.
love, dubby


1-4 Grace said...

You are so smart. You did the very best you could do in a bad, bad situation. I am proud of you for being so smart!
Love Aunt 1-4 G

RevAnne said...

Dubby, you definitely get points for ingenuity!

Songbird said...

Dubby, you are smart, like me!

Littlemankitty said...

You are a smart kitty.

Rev SS said...

Very brave & wise! Your rock, Dubby!

Rev SS said...

typo alert! that should say "you" rock

Sue said...

Dubby, you are a very very smart little man. You did the right thing in a tough situation. You deserve plenty of extra cat cookies for that.

Spooky said...

What a smart fella you are, Dubby!