Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cat School: Take Home Exam

Cat School Take Home Exam
Class: Human Interaction
Instructions: You may use Chapters 1-5 of Dr. Fluffy Tendertoes' Human Interaction for House Cats, 2007. Carrboro Cat Press books.
Student: Dubby

1. When your human is working on either a technical, craft or housework project, you:
a. stand where the human is working
b. sit where the human is working
c. play with tools, string or material of human
d. take a nap in another room

2. To wake up your human, you:
a. bite nose of human
b. put fresh litter box paws on human's mouth
c. start a Cat Party!
d. wait until the alarm clock sounds

3. If your human is sewing, knitting or crocheting, you:
a. play with thread or yarn
b. try to sit on human's lap or working area
c. pay no attention

4. If your water dish is empty, you:
a. stand in bowl and wail
b. kick bowl with paws for noise
c. wail
d. wait until the bowl is filled to drink

5. When a human enters the bathroom, you:
a. insist on coming into the bathroom
b. want to sit on human's lap if human sits
c. stare at human with amazement, every time
d. allow human privacy

6. If your human is reading, you:
a. keep the human company by sitting on the reading materials
b. yell for food
c. dash through the room acting terrified
d. curl up on the floor and take quiet nap

7. You are accused of bad cat behavior, you:
a. look innocent
b. refuse to move from offending area
c. take a good long bath
d. roll on your back, paws in the air and ask for forgiveness

8. When humans are away from your home, you:
a. do whatever you wish
b. find projects you are denied when humans are home
c. play with toilet paper or paper towel rolls
d. write poetry about how lonely you feel

9. Where is the highest place you can jump to to knock things off?
a. bedroom bookshelves
b. bookshelves in family room
c. pull down linens in linen closet
d. take a nap instead

10. How often do you try to run outdoors?
a. every time the exterior doors are opened
b. every day or so I make a run for it
c. tear the weather stripping off most exterior doors
d. never

Bonus Essay Question: Why Cat Contact is Important to My Humans. One page, single spaced.

****Dubby made an A+ 110 points


Littlemankitty said...

I'm going to try it. Will you grade it for me?

1) A&B&C (take turns)
2) D (I WANNA do c, but girlkitty says we have to wait until the alarm clock, and she's the boss of me.)
3.) My human doesn't sew or crochet or knit. She does wrap presents sometimes, with ribbon--does that count? If so, the answer is obviously a.
4.) D
5.) A
6.) A
7.) A
8.) A
9.) A
10.) D

Sue said...

Dubby, you are one smart little man to get an A+. I don't think either Truffle or Ouzo would do as well. I'm sure they wouldn't. Perhaps they will come back later and try, but first they will have to stop fighting. Right now they are fighting and sounding like a small herd of elephants.

1-4 Grace said...

Way to go Dubby!

Deb said...

I like your test results. You obviously have been paying close attention!

o o o

(those are cyber-Greenies for you - go show them to Mom so you can have REAL ones!)

Tiria says hi!


Deb said...

Hey Dubby
I took your test as a practice test. I have to take the make up test. Did you know that there is Cat School On line now? I help Giver of Greenies all the time with her classes.

Hey I gotta go. Some girl cat is trying to steal my kibble!

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