Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitteh Update


I got a new piece of yarn! My birthday is coming up in August!
Momma came home and gave us Greenies!


I'm singing in the Catty Chorus this year! I'm singing a solo of "There are Greenies in Gilead" and get to wear a choir robe! My paper, "Why Cats Are So Great" won 2nd prize in the Essay Contest! I think my grades are good, as always!

Busy. Spring is busy. Monitoring squirrels and birds. Later, tater.

I hate Fluffy XXXXXXXX! She says I am stupid! She is mean to me everyday at Cat School. She told Mrs. Velvet Paws that I was the kitteh who ate the birthday cookies! I did not!

When we practiced our choral song, one of the younger kittehs pointed at my paws and laughed. I started crying and Prof. Whiskers asked me to go to his office! He was nice to me and licked my head but I feel sad.

I WILL NOT wash my nose! Nobody can make me. That dirt looks just like nose freckles.

I do not like anyone but Sister, my dog. I want to stay at home with her. I don't want to go to Cat School ever ever again.


Whistle said...

You forgot what Momma said about using names in the blog. You are hurting Fluffy's feelings. I took her last name out of your blog.

Whistle, I'm your pal, too

LMK said...

Dear Dubby,
I think maybe you should go to home schooling. It's when you stay at home and teach everyone at home. Cuz I think you're smart. And Fluffy sounds mean. Kitties with extra toes are extra nice. We need more toes for all that extra niceness.
You're a good boy.


Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
Don't be sad. Think of me coming to teach Fluffy a lesson. Let her laugh at MY paws!
Your Brother in Bernaise Sauce,

1-4 Grace said...

Dear Dubby,
We are all sorry about Fluffy being mean to you and we are sorry you feel sad. We think your paws are cool 'cuz you can pick up stuff that we can't.
You could try home schooling or you could go back and show them that you are really a special brave kitteh.
We all have stuff that makes us unique and spe-suhl.
Mugs has a spot on his nose and Mia has a grey streak on her head.
Mel has extra big ears. Madelyn is a white kitty and a striped tabby all in one. God made you spe-suhl with your extra toes. We are your pals in another state

Sue said...

Congratulations on the essay contest Fish! You are a wise kitteh indeed.

Dubby, cats with extra toe-age are very very special. Truffle would explain that to mean old Fluffy if she weren't so far away.

I'm with LMK, I think home-schooling would be nice because you have such a nice family. Does Prof. Whiskers make house-calls for special lessons?