Monday, April 27, 2009

Dubby: How I am Doing

When I grow up, I'm going to be a Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Dog, just like Sam!
Here is how I am doing:

Have big paws. CHECK

Have a soft fur coat. CHECK

Look just like Sam. CHECK

Ride in the Car. NOT SO GOOD

Go to Church with Momma. NOT SO GOOD

Bark at strangers. SORTA GOOD

Eat lots of food to be BIG. CHECK

Join the Berner Group. (I'm having trouble with this one. The Berners don't see as much resemblance to Sam as I do. Will work on this. Get a moustache or something. Maybe sunglasses.)

Love from Dubby


Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
You are doing a good job! I had to learn to like church. How old are you? I didn't like church until I was almost 6 years old. You have plenty of time. I was a Berner before I liked church.
Your Berner Brother,

1-4 Grace said...

Way to go Dubby. We are so proud of you.
I am learning to bark too! I run thorugh the house and go, "RRRRROOOOARREE"

RevAnne said...

Good work, Dubby. My c-a-t brother Otis would have made a good dog, although we never settled on a breed. The spooky Boo cat could never pull it off, though. She's crazy.
Good luck. Keep working on the barking. I find that a good howl will substitute for a bark in a pinch.
--Cletus the WonderMutt