Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Birthday

Only 38 days until I am 4!!!!

My birthday is coming soon!

Get my presents ready! Just a friendly reminder!


Whistle, this is my Blog and I approve this message


1-4 Grace said...

My berf-day is in 'zactly 9 days. I will be two years old. Do you ahve advice for being two?
I know it means I am a grown up boy and must leave all my kitten ways behind.
Can I still boop my sister on the head?
~Mugsy Andrew

LMK said...

Mama says that I can't use the computer anymore to buy stuff. I've been banned from the credit card. So I gots to make you somefin for your birfday. She said she will mail it if I make it. And if it's not gross.

What do you want that's not gross (nothing with hairballs allowed)?

Sue said...

We're counting down the days with you Whistle!

Truffle and Ouzo

1-4 Grace said...

Your berfday is getting closer!!!!!!