Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Christmas Lists

Cat Cookies
cardboard box to sit in

Adventure Cat red cape
Warm water on my cat crunchies for Breakfast
Someone to play felt fish on a string with me

Cat Food
Cat Cookies
A freckle on my nose like Whistle and Fish

I would like to go to see "Marley and Me" about the yellow lab
I would like to sit in the theater seat with Mr.C. and eat popcorn with him
an afternoon off from taking care of the kitties


1-4 Grace said...

I want a cat potty like y'all have. I want one where I can kick my litter all over and not make a mess on the bathroom floor...Momma fusses when I do it too much.
I try to be good, but I get carreid away with my back kick.
i want a Booda litter box!
Mugsy Wugs, Indoor Adventrue Cat and kicker extraordinaire

Sue said...

I hope you all get your wishes for Christmas.

Sister - my Dad, way up here in Canada, is now the owner of a lab who played a (very very brief) puppy cameo in that movie. I can't wait to see it too! Apparently Almond (that's her name now, not her stage name) is on screen for about 4 seconds!

Really, our whole family is totally excited. We're going to go and see it together! I hope you get to go with Mr. C. - you deserve a break from your nanny duties.

Your Sue

1-4 Grace said...

Guess what????
We got our Bodda potty early!
G-ma and G-pa gave it to Momma as an early birthday present!
We will post photos on our blog tomorrow.
We are so excited!!!!!

Tiggie FOC said...

Card board boxes are great. I hope you get one!