Friday, August 27, 2010

My Birthday: Whistle

Tomorrow I will be 5 years old. I was born in an empty house the night before Katrina blew through my town. My Mom went into labor with me and my litter-mates as the barometric pressure rose. We all came into a new world of downed trees, no power and a ruined homes.
It's best to be a kitten when hurricanes come. We were safe and dry, left alone in a house with food and water for our Mom and a comfortable place for us to snuggle with her. My eyes weren't open yet so I couldn't see the sky or even outdoors. I didn't know our Mom kept us close because she was anxious. I was warm and dry and ready to nurse.
Several weeks later, my owner brought me to the family I have now. I don't remember much about my first owner but she must have loved us because our family now is great.
I've learned so much in five years.
*a full food bowl inspires confidence
*having my litter-mate and other brother by a different mother close-by makes me happy
*if you love a dog like my dog Sister, you can learn to love a new dog
*having friends everywhere is fun and they don't eat your cat cookies
*some people think my magazine subscriptions are odd. I'm taking Oprah's mag now. My New Yorker sub ended.
*cat cookies are great 24/7
*sleeping with my people is good
*if you use your litter box exclusively you get in less trouble
*Cat University is more fun than Cat School
*being a Ginger Cat means I am beautiful
*nose freckles are admired greatly

I'm sure there is more. I can't think beyond the canned cat food I'm getting tomorrow at my Birthday Bash.

Thanks for you support of my bloggage,

Whistle, this is my blog


Alison said...

Happy Birthday Whistle! You certainly had an exciting start to your life! and it seems you've had a pretty terrific life so far. I think you can learn to love another dog just as much as Sister - but no one can replace Sister in your heart - that's where she is with you, always... Peace to you and yours!

Martha Hoverson said...

Dear Whistle,
I am just re-reading your first blog post ever. You have always been handsome and a good writer.
May your fifth birthday be joyous, with enough treats that no one feels left out when the cat cookies are distributed.
Much love from your
Aunt Songbird

Violet Beauregarde said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Whistle, and best to Fish too! I am so glad that there was some joy being born in the midst of that terrible storm! Hope you get nice wet food and cat crunchies!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Whistle, and also to Fish. I'm sure he's off contemplating many of the same points you have named here. I hope you get plenty of cat cookies for your birfday and even more for all those times when you make use of the litter box.

You are a fine handsome lad, so you deserve lots of fun and treats!

Rev SS said...

Belated b'day wishes Whistle .. plz say hi to Fish, Dubby and Andy too! O,S,C, & C

Tiggie FOC said...

Happy Birthday Whistle! My sister kitty Tidbit was a Tropical Storm Allison baby. I miss her. I am glad you are doing well.