Sunday, May 25, 2008

Many people say to me, "Whistle, when is your birthday?"

My birthday is in 95 days!!!

Glad to help out here,

Whistle the Cat I approve this blog post.


Littlemankitty said...

My birthday is on Sunday!
6 days!
Come to a party at my house.
It's on the street with squirrels and cars.
We have greenies!
Bring your friends!
We'll party all night long!

Songbird said...

95 days? Is that all? Wow!

Sue said...

The calendar is appropriately marked.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Gosh. I don't know when my birthday is. My GOTCHA day was May 15th though. That's the day my hooomans made me part of their fambly.

Happy early birfday. Cuz I may forget. Will you remind me?

The Shadow Princess

1-4 Grace said...

Mine is in 65 days! I will be one year old...An Offical Big Boy.
Any advice about being a big boy?

1-4 Grace said...

Hey. We are moving and we have to go in the cat boxes that takes us to the vet's for shots.
But, Momma says we won't get no shots this time, but we will ride a long ways.
What should cats do on long trips? We don't ahve opposable thumbs so playing cards is too hard.

Littlemankitty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you for the birfday present. I never had bref mints before. I hope they make me smell good. thank you, thak you, thank you, thank you....I can't wait until your birfday!