Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dubby here.

Why I like Flavor by Dubby

I enjoy all flavors, especially things to eat like food. I eat Cat Crunchies, Dog Crunchies, and any human food I can find. Today I licked the mixer blade in the sink.
Mom says I am not supposed to lick cookie dough on mixer blades or eat any human food. I do not understand this.

Flavor is my life. I love to eat. I am an Epicurean Kitty.

I am trying to be like my big dog friend, Sam. He is a Bearnaise Sauce Dog and lives with Aunt Songbird. He is big. I want to be just like him.

Sam throws up. I can learn to do this, too. Just like Sam.

I love Greenies but my Ginger Brothers are better at eating Greenies than I am.

I want to learn to eat off a sterling silver fork like Sister.

I love food.

Mom? That's all I can think of to write. OK?



Littlemankitty said...

Dear Dubby,
I like food too.
I AM big.
The doctor said I weigh one more pound than last time. (That was the only good thing that happened at the vet by the way.)
I weigh 8.5 now.
How about you?

Spooky said...

I like food, too. I have recently learned how to wait patiently and lick the dinner plates right before they go in the dishwasher.

1-4 Grace said...

Very nice Dubby. Melech likes flavor too and has learned to beg (gulp) for food. Mugsy does not wait he just grabs stuff and runs.
Melech is 9.4 lbs and Mugsy is 10.8
Aunt 1-4 G

Sue said...

We both love food. Ouzo loves food more than Truffle. Ouzo is a BIG boy. He probably eats too many flavours.

Ouzo and Truffle

Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
I am sending my Mama to visit you, and she will check on your Bearnaise Sauce Cat skills. I am sending you a big, friendly paw. Can you shake paws yet? That's an important Bearnaise Sauce skill. I know you are working hard on your skills.
Your Big Dog Friend,

Auntie Knickers said...

I am not as big as Sam. But I am pretty big (55 lbs.) The other night I ate some soap from the bathroom. This was not a good idea and I don't recommend it to cats or dogs. I had a bad day yesterday but today is better. I wish Heidi, the cat who lives in my house, liked me as much as you like Sister.
Your friend,