Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watching Humans

After three years of close living with humans, I don't understand people. Last night, we ran through the bedroom playing Cat Patrol. Humans fussed at us. When we were tired of playing we napped. Later we played Pop Your Brother where you pop Fish on the head with open paws. He popped me back and we both popped Dubby. Humans fussed at us. Early this morning, we played Scratch the Wall and the new game I invented. I call it Phone Beeping. Put your paws on the land line phone buttons to make beeps. Humans fussed at us. I think the Mama pushed me once! She has gentle hands so this made me feel terrible!

Can you explain?

Love, Whistle


Spooky said...

Oh, this is very mysterious. I'm not sure what makes humans behave so.

1-4 Grace said...

Humans are so weird.
I head butted stuff on the be-side the bed table and knocked it all off and Momma fussed.Alls i was trying to do was get jer up for work and then hoping she'd feeds me my b-fast on the way to the kitchen sink.
Melech likes to jump on the telephone buttons and soemtimes he even hits the innercalm button.
That makes the telephone talk out loud. I do not knw why they call it innercalm...it does nto make my inners calm!
Puzzled and Confused asever,
Mugsy Andrew

Sue said...

We love the idea of the Phone Beeping Game. Thanks for such a great idea!!!

Humans are indeed puzzling, aren't they? Ours don't seem to think it's a good idea for us to run and chase each other during the night. Something about other humans living below our new house who might not appreciate a herd of elephants running in the night. I told them we are NOT elephants. We may sound like elephants, but we're not.

Ouzo and Truffle

Songbird said...

My Lady lies down with her pink computer and then gets fussed when I snuggle up in between. What is her problem?

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Most mysterious. I have never tried the phone beeping game. Must investiggerate!

I like to untie GoG's slippers. They are made of cat-toy strings.

I like to play "Pop Cat". It's the game where you hide and when another cat comes by, you Pop out and smack them. Lots of fun. But if we do it to the Grump, Gog scolds us.

Why do hoomans play favorites?

The Shadow Princess