Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goodbye, Ouzo

Dear My Sue,
I am sorry about Ouzo. Ouzo was a great cat. Living in a place with ice and snow, Ouzo remembered the pals of the Deep South.
Ouzo was a good friend. When I had cat cookies, Ouzo was glad. If Whistle acted like a cookie pig, Ouzo didn't like it.
Ouzo had friends all over the world. Ouzo never hissed at me or any other online cat pal. Ever.
My Sue, if you need to hug my turtle blanket, you can. I spend hours under it thinking deep cat thoughts. Today I am thinking about Ouzo and you.

Love from your,


LMK said...

and you can have my pile of fuzzy T-shirts to sleep on, too.

I'm sorry about Ouzo.

Sue said...

Fish and LMK, you are such good cat friends. Truffle could use a cat prayer. He is missing his buddy Ouzo a lot today.

Thank you both for offering your most special comforts for me. Turtle blankets and fuzzy t-shirts are very special indeed. I feel better already.

Your Sue