Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent for Cats

Management gave us a surprise this morning. We will be celebrating Lent. "It's Ash Wednesday", she said, "you will observe Lenten practice until Easter Sunday."

We were napping on her bed when she called the meeting to order. Fish and I woke up to pay attention while Dubby snuffled out lil snores. He's out like a light due to inappropriate Mardi Gras behavior yesterday. I won't give details, let him tell you, but he overdid everything and went to bed late, after Letterman Fish says.

Lent for Cats? We will stop trying to run out the kitchen door. We will stop clawing furniture. We will not wail meows after Lights Out.

I'm not sure I can do this. Fish says running out the door is his privilege as "Adventure Cat". Clawing furniture is cat manicures. I wail at night to relieve the Universe of excess grief/sadness/angst. It's my calling.

Does SHE realize we don't do self-reflection, sacrifice or repentance? We are cats and part of God's created order. We never bit that Apple, don't even like apples. We aren't heirs of original sin nor do we need to reflect on our deaths or grieve our sins.

Fish says if She says we are doing the Lent thing, then we are doing it. Rats! She waved a spray water bottle at us saying, "if you try to run out the door, claw furniture or wail, you will get a blast of water mist."

Someone report her. Now.

Here is what I'm willing to do for Lent: wear a purple collar; eat more fresh fish; give up chocolates and sweets (yuk!!!!); stop smoking; stop drinking; and refrain from cat cursing.

She says Lent means taking on correctives to one's souls behavior, too. My soul is a cat soul which no human understands. I'm on good ground with God who made me and loves me. I don't need correctives. I believe most cats would say they are perfect just as they are.

But, to show that I love her, I will: be a sweet companion when I can work it in my schedule, purr when she holds me, eat as many cat cookies as I can and keep Sister's ears clean.

Living in a religious household really chaps my tail at times.

Fish, this is my Blog and I approve this message

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Sue said...

I like the purple collar - that one shouldn't be too hard. Do try very hard to keep the night time wailing to a minimum. Think of it as contemplative time, that's what I do. Well, that, plus She hides all the toys for the night so I have nothing to chase around. With nothing else to do - I sleep.

As for the cat cussing, it's a challenge when the doggie passes right under our big window. Every. Night. It's very hard not to speak up and give him a piece of my mind.... but I'll try, for Lent. For Her.

Truffle, who still misses Ouzo lots.