Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Sperry Topsiders

Dear Mr. Sperry Topsider,

Please send me shoes. I think Sperry shoes' leather shoe laces are the best. I give the leather stings the WHISTLE PAW of APPROVAL. Really, I mean it. I've chewed plenty of shoe laces but your shoe laces are the best. Just send shoes to chew on. The type I like are the ones marked womens and mens. Either type is great with me.

(I am a bit miffed with my people. They began wearing the Bluefish style. Those laces are cord, not leather! Yuk!)

Love forever,



Sue said...

I know what you mean Whistle! My mom has slippers with leather laces and they are the Best Ever. The best part is that the leather is so thick, I can keep chewing and chewing and it never breaks. It's been over a year now! Mom says it's good for my teeth, but she doesn't say that when my teeth stray over to her foot.

Hope you get some new ones soon.

Sue said...

That was from Truffle, Queen of All She Surveys.

Deb said...

Whistle, I like them too. Bearded Brewer figured out I liked them and got a WHOLE pack of the laces just for cats! But I tried to show him that the ones in shoes are just so much better. All those smells leftover from wherever the kittehs walk...

King Henry
and Tiria (who is hiding again)