Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Dubby

If you see my dog, Sister, tell her to come home.
She left on Saturday and I can't find her.
I need to tell her something and give her a head bunt.

Love from your Dubby


Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
if I were there, you could head bunt me.
Love from your Bearnaise Sauce brother,

Susan O said...

Oh Dubby, I hope she comes home very, very soon.

Sue said...

O dear Dubby, come here and have a cuddle. I'm sorry you're missing your nanny dog Sister. I know how much you love her.


Littlemankitty said...

Dear Dubby,

Mama says you have the troubles.

I'm sorry.

Sister was a very. good. dog.

If you were here I'd lick your head for you.


RevAnne said...

Hope Sister finds her way home with adventures to tell you about.

Jules said...

We thumb-havers hate it when our RevPets go away...


Deb said...

Dear Dubby...
We doesn't like og-days but we would let you come sleep on GoGs bed wif us. She put a fleece blankittt on it and it is very wuzzly.

But I'm sorry you are missing Sister. It makes things very not right.

The Shadow Princess

DogBlogger said...

(((Dubby and everyone)))

RevAnne said...

Oh, dubby, we're still sending furry prayers that Sister will come home. In the meantime, the spooky Boo cat will share head bunts if you need her.