Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens

Dear Diary,

Things to ponder: why do humans wash themselves with water? Spit is better. Why do human laps move just when I get comfortable on them? Why do they get up when I'm comfortable? Where does my litter go when I'm through with it? Why don't humans have good fur? If humans love me as much as they say they do why don't they stay home all day? Why can't I go in Her closet?

Things to enjoy: a good scratch on upholstery, getting my head licked, finding a bug,eating cat cookies, eating breakfast, eating elevenses, eating lunch, eating mid-afternoon snack, eating dinner, eating evening snack, eating in the middle of the night, a good tummy tickle, books about jungle cats, being called "Adorable"...

What I am doing at Professor Whiskers this semester: Great Cats in Literature, Paw Swatting as Artistic Expression, The History of Napping, Bottle Cap Soccer and I'm in advanced placement (!) with Lap Sitting and String Play.



Susan O said...

Dear Theo wishes he could be in advanced placement. He was doing really well, but now he sulks a lot and doesn't get his lapsitting practice in. Good for you, though!!! How is Dubby doing? Is he studying with Professor Whiskers this term?

Rev SS said...

Hey Dubby ... we're wishing you well with your pondering, and studies with Professor Whiskers!

Oliver, Cassandra & Christoper

Jan said...

dear Dubby,

Are you sure you're not related to hobbits who had breakfast then second breakfast and more?

You must be clever doing an advanced placement.
Love to you all,
Sweetpea in Sydney NSW

Sue said...

You should be very proud Dubby - you are an excellent student!

Truffle naps too much for school now, but she is a woman kat of a certain age, and feels a life of leisure is overdue for her. At least, that's what we're hearing from her PR people.....

1-4 Grace said...

We hope all goes well with Professor Whiskers this semester. It sounds like you will be busy. Mia is taking a class in bottle cap soccer for senior cats.
Maddy is learning how to chase mousies.
I, Mugsy have learned to tell time and Melech is working on Pilates.
Oh, and we have a new cat cousin. Grandpa said they may not keep him, but now it looks like he may stay.
We are all having to read about Famous Cats of the 19th Century.