Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank You

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your kind words about Whistle. He was the best litter-mate and brother ever. I miss him everyday.
I miss seeing him working the bathroom counter looking for Q-tips to chew.
I miss hearing him purr.
I miss watching him working the cat cookie angle because he was all cat cookies all the time.
I miss him.
Dubby wants to keep the blog going. I have things to say and so does Dubby. Maybe his entries won't be the caliber of mine but he is a nice lil fella and deserves to blog when I'm busy traveling under the turtle blanket.

Thanks again,


Songbird said...

Dear Fish,
If you and Dubby need any help with your blog, remember that I am always here to give the technical support.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

Susan O said...

Dear Fish,
I hope you keep the blog going, too. And Dubby can learn a lot from you, when you're not under the turtle blanket. I don't even have a blog anymore because that small human takes up so much time. Don't lose your voice, Fish! Kitties have to stay united (and can you please come rescue me? She put a DOLL DRESS on me today. So humiliating.
Dear Theo

Rev SS said...

Dear Fish,
We're really sorry for loss of your brother, Whistle, and reall glad you and Dubby are going to keep the blog going.

(We lost our beautiful Sister, Samantha, in March, and miss her a lot)

Oliver, Cassandra & Christopher

Sue said...

Dear Fish,
I think it's good for you to keep the blog for you and Dubby. You both have important things to say about the life of very fine cats.

Ouzo loved Q-tips too. We miss him too.

lots of love,
Sue and Truffle.

Deb said...

Hi Fish
We hope you keep blogging, and Dubby too. And we will come visit your blog if you will come visit ours.

(Giver of Greenies says you can find it here so please come by.

and Tiria (she's napping)

1-4 Grace said...

Dear Fish,
I am pleased to see that y'all are keeping the blog going.
We like hearing from you and knowing what is going on in that state with all the i's in it.
We also like knowing what your wh-man beans are doing.
Mel, Mugsy, Maddy, and Mia