Monday, May 28, 2007

Dear Mrs. Inner Dorothy,

Thank you for the cat breff mints and treats. We tried to sit like the Buddha Cat on the bag of treats but Fish's splint won't bend. We have fresh breff and happy tummies.

Please give our best regards to your people and to Ouzo and Truffle. We want to be international pen pals with Ouzo and Truffle. Our teacher, Prof. Whiskers, says we need to "broaden our vistas" because we live in a tiny place in the Deep South.

We send you love, snorgles and several whisker tickles,


P.S. I'm writing this for Fish because he is napping. Mom told him to practice his thank you note writing but he just keeps his eyes closed.


Molly said...

No one ever sends me breff mints. Maybe it's because I have pretty paws and pretty breff?
Your friend,

Littlemankitty said...

Fish is always napping!