Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is how I felt today. We went to get our shots at the vet. The lady who gave us shots isn't our vet but some relief vet we don't know. She is rough with us.

She said that Fish's splint wasn't positioned correctly. She said today's x-rays show that his bone isn't healing. She said that he should have a pin in his leg! She said she didn't know why our vet didn't get a pin in his leg.

You should have seen our Mom. She was furious that this stupid vet talked about Fish's splint and his healing as though our vet is stupid. Mom wrote a blistering letter to our vet about what happened today.

Fish and I got three shots. Every single shot hurt. The relief vet told the tech that she didn't know how to hold us for shots then grabbed me and crushed my body to give me a shot. I wanted to bite and scratch her but Mom gave me The Look and I couldn't.

I don't like the relief vet. She gave me no relief. She is a real Maureen C. and I hate her! I do!

We aren't allowed to say we "hate" somebody but I hate this vet.

My butt hurts,



Sue said...

Oh Fish, you poor thing.

I hate her too! I do!

I'm glad your Mom wrote a letter to your real vet about this awful experience.

I hope you have some extra cat cookies tonight.

zorra said...

Fish, I'm so sorry. It sounds like both you and your mom showed admirable restraint. ALL of you should have your favorite cookies tonight.

Littlemankitty said...

I think you should have been allowed to bite and scratch under those circumstances. Seems only fair.

1-4 Grace said...

I shall hiss, spit, and bite the pinch hitter vet.
She is no good and should have her license revoked for poor behavior!
I hate her too, even thoguh my Mommy also says we should not say that word!
May she get worms and have an itchy butt for all eternity!

Littlemankitty said...

Does your butt feel better?


I just said butt.

Josie & Boudreaux said...

J&B say,

We hate that vet too and we will bite her. We are surprised that your mommy didn't bite her! But maybe her letter is a good people-way of biting.

Pah. Some vets are bad. Most are good. This one was BAAAD.

Mary Beth said...

PS: who is Maureen C?

Inquiring mynds want to know

Songbird said...

MB, when we get to Atlanta, I'll tell you the whole story!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better now! And I am so glad your mom wrote that letter!