Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Illustration of Great-great-great etc. etc. Uncle Whiskers with a Mouse in his Milkbottle.
Dear China:
Please don't put sick things in our food. Because you wanted to make money, you are responsible for the deaths of cats and dogs. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. It's lazy and undisciplined to make fillers and sell the filler for food.
Who Man Beans trusted you and pet food sellers to make safe food for their cats and dogs. They didn't check to see if the "filler" (what a concept! why not use nutritional food???) was safe. Pets died. They suffered and so did their who man beans.
My brother and I are indoor kitties. We depend on our people to feed us safe food. Even Andy, our great indoor-outdoor cat, eats cat food. He may get a mouse, a squirrel or a bird but not very often. These are gifts for his Mama not food, anyway.
You are bad. Bad! Very Bad!
Whistle (and all my furry friends)

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Molly said...

Dear Whistle,
Ask your Mama if she can find Merrick food for you. I eat it and so do my kitty-cats. The Who Man Beans at Merrick don't buy anything from China. They make their food in their own fact-wee or something. Our kitties like their food best. They even have California Roll flavor for kitties! (But not for dogs, and that bothers me. I like shrimp.)
Your friend,