Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fish is 'sposed to eat plain yogurt for added calcium while his leg heals. He doesn't like yogurt. I like yogurt! He gets shredded cheese instead. I like cheese!
Fish has his own friends. I guess this little animal is one of his friends from the Mrs. Tiggle-Wiggle's Summer reading group at the Cat Library.


ppb said...

Why aren't you going to summer reading group? You got tennis lessons at that time?

1-4 Grace said...

Come on Fish!!! Ya gotta eat your yougurt so you iwll have storng bones again. I want you to come to the Kitty Gymnastics class this fall.
They've got a really cute instructor! I hope Whistle can come too~

1-4 Grace said...

Hey Whistle.
You, Fish and ANdy have a surprise coming to you. I mailed it eysterday, so give it a coupel of days.
It is moslty for Fish, but since he is a good kitty, I am sure he will share. :)
Auntie 1-4 Grace

Psalmist said...

Dear Whistle and Fish and Sister,

Our human beat us to it and tagged you for a meme about five things you dig about Jesus. We blogged too and we think our answers are better than Psalmist's.

We think the cats and dogs of the world should show our love of Jesus. We hope you'll write about it!

Five Things I Dig about Jesus Meme

Hope your mom lets you out of jail soon, Fish.

Your kitty cousins,
Rosie & Jenny