Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Ginger Kitten

See this Ginger kitten and the two kittens behind him? He's at our Humane Society.
He does not have a Mama or Daddy or Who Man Bean children to play with.
Mom took this picture on Monday but waited until today to show it to us. Fish cried. I cried. We all meowed and howled.
These kittens need families to love them and wait upon them hand and paw.
We were rescue kittens but now we have a home.
Every kitten, cat, puppy and dog deserves a good safe home.
I am one of 600 million domesticated cats in God's World. I am doing my part to end homeless pets.


Littlemankitty said...

I'm a rescue, too.
And I want a ginger kitten all my own.

Molly said...

Dear Whistle,
I got a letter from the HSSM just yesterday! They sent me sticky notes that look like a paw. I gave them to my Mom, and she said we could send some money to help the kitties and puppies far away.
Your friend,

1-4 Grace said...

My Mom got a tee-shirt from the SPCA and sentthem some money. She really liked the shirt because there is a kitty like me on the front.
Mommy loves the picture off the ginger kitten. It reminds her of Rufus. He died two years ago.
I told mommy i get lonely sometiems for a playmate, but i am nto sure i want to share my Who Man Beans.
Mommy always donates $ to our Humane Society whenever a church mmeber loses a kitty or doggies. She says pets are family mmebers too and it is important to show you care.

Whistle said...

Thank you, LMK and Melech and Molly!

Molly, my mom says, "let's send Molly a kitten!"

What do you say about this, Molly? Is it ok?

Diane said...

I'm jealous because you have your own blog. How do I get one? Should I offer my mom treats?

Diane said...

btw, good work giving other animals a home!!! -- Scout

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

mrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooo?? I was rescued too. Giver of Greenies got a Tshirt last year for helping lost pals find a home.


Molly said...

I would LOVE a kitten!!!
But my Papa Bear says we have too many cats already. They all came from the shelter near us, so we did our part, too.
Your friend,

zorra said...

I came from a shelter too, and I will never forget the day my mom and dad took me away from there. I love them and they love me!! Every human should go to the shelter and bring home a new friend!!