Monday, July 2, 2007

See? I told you that the Humane Society has lots of kittens. This areas is kittens. Two other sections hold the older cats. I'm an older cat. I'll be 2 years old on August 28.
Mom says I have to blog everyday this week. My tennis camp is over and Bottle Cap Soccer is next week. Summer enrichment is endless.
Fish has a new cast with a shamrock on it. Our vet took off the old cast with "Sister", "Andy" and "Whistle" written on it.
Fish doesn't want to play anything but cards and long nappage. If I try to wrestle with him, he cries and Mom fusses at me. Drat!
Andy popped me upside the head yesterday. Several times. He doesn't want to play, either.
Gotta blog everyday this week,


PPB said...

Whistle, that picture makes me cry.

I hope Fish feels better soon. It can't be fun to be in a furry cast in the South in the summer. I don't blame him for wanting to nap all the time.

Littlemankitty said...

For summer enrichment, I have to be really really cute.

1-4 Grace said...

Yo Whistle,
Did Fish, you and Andy get your surprise from Auntie Grace?
The pictures meake me sad too! Mommy thought about 'dopting another kitty last week here?
She says only problem is we might be movign soon and she ddi not want to 'tramatize a new kitty much?
What does 'tramatize mena? is it anythign like baptize and capatilize? I unwound a bunch of Mommy's craft ribbion today while she napped. It was great!!!!!