Friday, July 20, 2007

Not Fair! Not Fair! Not Fair!

My dog, Sister, saw Fish at the Veterinary today! She got to nuzzle Fish! I didn't get to go.
Sister got her booster shots and bloodwork done then saw Fish!

Not Fair! Not Fair! Not Fair!

I sent one of Mom's stuffie mice to Fish. LD rubbed the mouse all over me so the mouse would smell like me and make Fish happy. LD said that Fish took the mouse, sniffed it, licked it then fell asleep on it.

I don't get to go see Fish at the Cat Hospital!

Everyone says Fish looks great. He's eating well and meows when he wants to be ear scratched.


Whistle, the only one in the entire family (except Andy) who hasn't gotten to see Fish


Littlemankitty said...

TOTALLY NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad that fish is doing better, but when a kittyboy is sick, he needs his BROTHER!!!!!!

Who do I write to in order to get this fixed? The guhvner?

Molly said...

Whistle, you poor boy!
If I were there, I would tell the vet "Wroo wroo! Let Whistle in, too!!!"
Your friend,

1-4 Grace said...

Whistle. I am so sorry. totaly unfair. I am stomping my paws in protest!
The picture made me want to cry. Glad Fish is better, but sorry you have not seen him yet. :(
We are still praying for a complete recovery. We want Fish back in the Feline Olympic Games.
Melech is practicing his high jump and his speed slide.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, how unfair to you, Whistle!

But I'm very glad Fish liked the stuffie that smelled like you. It was obviously a comfort to him. That was a very nice thing for LD to do.

Sue said...

Most unfair Whistle. I'm glad that you sent a toy with your scent on it though - I bet that made Fish feel so much better!

Serena said...

So not fair! But/and so glad you took the high road and sent him stuffie smelling like you .. and that he is eating and getting better. We'll keep praying. O,S,C & C

Kathryn said...

Oh Whistle, that sucks. It's lovely to see Fish looking happier, but I know he's missing you lots. I expect that he's keeping the stuffie under his pillow so that he can smell you whenever he wants to. That was such a good idea, even better than photos.
We're still praying and purring for you all here (though Teddy the Pirate seems to have gone on a voyage, and can't get online)
Lots of love Chloe and Tallis (and even Mufti and Dillon the dogs)