Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fish's awful Elizabethan collar is off. We are burning it! Not really, because we don't mess with fire (See Cat Code F.765.a) but we are THROWING IT AWAY!

Our Vet says his leg is healing well and took his stitches out. He was a brave cat according to LD and the Big Cat who took him to the Veterinary this morning.

Fish came home, ate a big lunch and curled up in his turtle quilt. He is very happy.

I'm happy, too. Gotta go. A nap on top of his cage is calling me.

Mom will be in the study with us ALL NIGHT. Her sermon isn't finished.



P.S. Sister, my dog, went to the beauty parlor today. She smells good!


RevAnne said...

Yay for Fish!
Whistle, I know you are taking good care of Fish, and I know Sister's wishing she could help more. Spooky Boo cat and Cletus the Wondermutt are sending best wishes and eating treats in your honor.

ppb said...


Serena said...

Everyone here is so happy to hear this good news!

Sue said...

Hooray!!!! We're so happy for Fish and for you too Whistle - you are a good brother.

DogBlogger said...

Yay, Fish, for making progress!

Yay, Whistle, for being an excellent brother-cat!

Yay, Sister, for smelling good!

1-4 Grace said...

Hey Whistle!
Psst! There's a surprise for your mama over at my mama's blog!
Tee-hee! I love surprises.
Peace of the Paw Brother,