Monday, July 16, 2007

We spent today getting Fish ready for his trip to the vet in Louisiana.
We tried to pretend that he's going to "cat camp" but he isn't.
Mom takes him to meet Dr. D., our vet, early tomorrow morning at the Veterinary. Dr. D. drives Fish to see the orthopaw consultant.
We don't know if Fish will spend one night or two in Louisiana so Mom is sewing his name labels into his cat pajamas and making sure he has clean clothes.
Fish wants to take his turtle quilt but he isn't allowed to bring his own bedding unless it's a thin flannel type blanket.
He's packed his flashlight, his Gamecat and his iPod. Mom put his name on everything, then made a list of what she packed for his suitcase.
We can't eat anything after midnight tonight because Fish has to fast.
I don't quite get that because when I'm hungry I feel slow. Andy, Sister and I are holding off on eating anything after midnight (until Fish and Mom leave tomorrow morning) to show our support.
I made Fish a card about how he's the best brother in the whole world.
Andy chuffed him on the shoulder and said, "Be good, Kid!" and Sister is all over Fish licking and sniffing him.
Mom had to tell Sister to leave Fish alone because Fish was getting slobbery.
I know Fish is in God's hand but I feel sad because he's never been so far from home. Not since we came to live with Sister the Dog. And, when we traveled to come here, we were together.
Whistle, not quite myself tonight


1-4 Grace said...

Oh Whistle!
We are thinking only good thoughts for Fishy tonight and will think of him bunches tomorrow.
We will say special healing paw prayers and ask the Big Cat Upstairs to keep Fish in his loving,tender paws of care.
We will also say special prayers for peace and comfort for you, your Mommy and the rest of family.
Cousin Mel and Aunt 1-4 G

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
By now, it's morning and you are saying good-bye to Fish. He goes with our family's prayers.
Take good care of your Mama while he is away; We know you can do it.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird
Nicky the Old Man Cat
and all the rest

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Whistle... prayers for cats and Casseroles and sister-dogs and everybody.
The Typist
The Alpha

Linda said...

i'll keep praying for fish okay?
and for you sister and andy,too.
tell your mom we love her!

zorra said...

We are sending all of you lots of prayers and hugs and doggie kisses.

Amie and Zorra

Littlemankitty said...

Dear Whistle,
I have been asking the Big Cat to take extra good care of Fish. I hope Big Cat is listening. I hope they don't make Fish wear one of those embarrassing gowns where people can see your hiney.

I bet you miss Fish, too.
I'm thinking of you and talking to the Big Cat.

Sue said...

Dear Whistle,

All of us here are praying very hard for Fish and for all of your family too.

Aunt Sue, Truffle and Ouzo

RevAnne said...

Cletus the WonderMutt and the spooky cat Boo are praying for Fish and for all of you. Although we're Methodists, we're still hoping St. Francis puts in a good word.


Littlemankitty said...

How is Fish?