Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fish may come home from the Veterinary on Monday.
I hope he comes home tomorrow because I miss him.
I will be very nice to him when he comes home.
I cannot play with him because he will be in confinement to keep his hip and leg quiet.
Maybe I can put my sleeping bag beside his cage thingie so I can hear him at night if he needs me.

He cannot play with me for 43 days, if you count today. He has to stay in his cage thingie. And I cannot go into his cage thingie.



1-4 Grace said...

You are such a good borther. I will let you borrow my toes, so you can count 43 days.
Today is almsot up, so you can say it is about 42 days now!
I think sleeping close to Fish is a good idea and you can alert he staff in case he needs somethign in the middle of the night and they are sleeping.
OH!!!! My grandparents are here and I am getting spolied! it is great. Peace of the Paw to y'all!

DogBlogger said...

I hope Fish does get to come home tomorrow. I can tell you're a very good brother to him. The Boy is sometimes a very good brother to me, so I know what that's like. It's good.

Sue said...

I hope Fish comes home tomorrow too. You are a good cat brother Whistle.

Littlemankitty said...

I think you should put your sleeping bag next to his cage, and you could stay up late at night have secrets, and snacks. It could be like a slumber party. Maybe you can make prank phone calls, too. That would be fun.

Can I come?