Friday, July 13, 2007

My Brother Fish

Fish went to see the vet today. He got a new cast. I think this is #5 or, maybe #4. This one is yellow and white.

Fish's leg fracture isn't healing.

He goes Tuesday for a consult with the pawopedic vet in Mandeville. Our Vet, Dr. D. is driving him over to see the pet orthoped. Dr. D. overnighted his X-rays to the new doctor.

Fish is very discouraged. He says he will never jump high again. He says he doesn't want to play bottlecap soccer, cat tennis, golf or even string.

Our pal, Melech, sent Fish Cat Cookies. I offered to eat them for him but he said, "I'm not that discouraged." Melech, you are a Prince of A Cat. Peace of the Paw, to you, too.

I feel sad,


Mom is upset and has puffy eyes. I nudged her with my nose and she petted me.


ppb said...

Oh Whistle,
What on earth is wrong with Fish's paw? Why won't it heal? And your poor mother. She has gone to too many vet's offices, hasn't she? Poor Fish. Poor Mama.

Prayers for healing.

Whistle said...

Aunt Songbird? If you read this, would you add my pal, Dog Blogger to my favorites list?

Aunt PPB, will you tell LMK that Fish's fracture isn't healing? Thanks for praying for Fish.

Diane said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Fish, and will be praying. I know why your mom is crying, and am glad you are comforting her. Before Scout, I had a wonderful cat named Kiki for 18 years.

scout says "woof," too. She is with us on vacation.

Littlemankitty said...

Oh Fishy, Fish.
If I was there, I'd come and give you snuggles and kisses. I'd lick your ears. I lick my sister's ears sometimes and she likes it. I'm sorry you are still hurted. And I'm sorry, Whistle, that your brother is hurted. He's your brother. And even if cats like to jump on other cats' heads, we're still loyal.

Oh Fishy, Fish. You get better okay. I'm sending you kitty prayers and ear kisses through the air.

Sue said...

We're all praying very hard for Fish and hoping that his leg will start to heal very soon.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Whistle. We are so sorry to hear that, and are praying for Fish. And for you and your mama, too.

The Typist has done a bit of crying over animal maladies herself. She says that nose nudges do help, so keep up with that.

Molly said...

Dear Whistle,
My mama says you already have DogBlogger on your list; her blog is The Best Dog Ever.
My mama also says we are praying for Fish and his fracture. We know all about sore legs, especially me.
Your friend,

1-4 Grace said...

So sorry that Fish is having such a tiem, as is Mommy and Loyal Brother, Whistle, and the rest of the Cass Clan.
We will say prayers for healing power and keep thnking good thoguhts. Also, pray for wisdom for the new vet to figure it all out.
Peace of the Paw,
Aunt 1-4 and Mel

Whistle said...

Aunt Songbird, I couldn't find my Dog Blogger at first but now I can. Thank you for helping me.

Today, Mom gave Fish handfulls of Science Diet cat cookies to get him to be big. I am bigger than he is now and I used to be smaller!

We love the statue of Molly. She is our size when she's a statue!!!
hee hee

1-4 Grace said...

I came very close to adopting a new kitty tonight. I was in Petsmart buying Melech his gourmet cat food and had to go visit the kitty cat room. They had many wonderful cats, but one caught my eye. She was long haired cat grey-ginger colored mix. She had part of a back paw missing and one ear was twisted up. She was born this way and needed some extra love.
I held her and was nuzzling her...
then the manager came by to tell me she had already been 'dopted.
I was glad to know she had a home.
Many other cute kitties, but this one had my heart.
I think I might have named her Shamrock, because of ehr three lucky paws and because I am Irish.
Melech thoguth i smelled differnt when I got home. :)
Hugs and kisses to you, Fish and your mommy

Littlemankitty said...

So did the cookies make him bigger? Did it work? I'm so worried about fishy.

zorra said...

Dear Whistle,
Mama says to tell you we are praying for Fish and for you and your mama too. She says she knows about getting puffy eyes when her furbabies are sick or hurting. Keep up the nose nudges, and also I think your mama will feel better if you curl up really really close to her and purr as hard as you can.

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
I am glad you like the statue of Molly. Just don't use it to play Bernese Dog Soccer, okay?
We are still praying for Fish and hope he will get bigger eating cat cookies.
Aunt Songbird

RevAnne said...

Boo-cat and Cletus the WonderMutt are sending their very best thoughts for Fish. Boo also says it makes you feel better if your mom gives you fried chicken...but Boo is not always all that well-mannered.
Grace and peace to you, Sister, and Fish, and love and prayers to you all.