Monday, July 23, 2007

Julie Andrews, in the most excellent musical, The Sound of Music, suggests that we think of our favorite things when we are afraid or troubled.
I am troubled. Will Fish come home today? Is he ok? What does "confinement" mean?
Julie mentions "whiskers on kittens" so I know she'll approve of my List of Favorite Things:
bottle caps
cat toy stuffies
gekkos in the house
bellowing in the middle of the night
waking Mom up really early
running through the bedroom at high speed meowing
scratching furniture
chasing or being chased by my dog, Sister
licking Fish
eating cat cookies
these are a few of my favorite things.
Cat Kisses,


Mary Beth said...

Poor Whistle! The only thing, to me, about having cats and dogs in the family is not being able to properly explain things like this to them.

It's not their fault, it is mine. I am a bad explainer.

We went to Mexico for a few days and Josie and Boudreaux could not go. While we were gone, they went to a very fun place that they seem to like.

It is called Bed, Biscuit, and Beyond.

I am glad that they had fun there. But I missed them. I know you miss Fish a lot and that your mom does too.

Praying that you get to see him SOON. That he heals QUICKLY. That your mom can SMILE.

Mary Beth said...

Um, I meant to say, the only BAD thing about having cats and dogs...

Littlemankitty said...

Um, my favorite things are a lot like yours:
felt stuffie toys
scratching furniture
running around the apartment like a bat out of H.E.double Hockey Sticks (I'm not s'posed to say that word until I'm a teenager),
drinking out of the bath-tub (tastes much better than other water)
giving my sister kisses
jumping on my sister's head
giving mommy baths
snuggling with mommy
rubber bands.

Sue said...

We like Q-tips, just like LMK, and stuffed toys with catnip, and nice thick ribbon to chase around. We also like to scratch on our cat-condo because it makes our mommy smile, then she gives us cat cookies.

We hope Fish comes home today!!

truffle and ouzo

DogBlogger said...

We had a gecko in our house this morning, Whistle!

But the thumb-havers didn't let us play with him. The Alpha put him outside.

We hope Fish got to come home today!
--Cub and Angus

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
Try to look at it this way: when your brother does come home, he'll be one day closer to being able to play with you.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird