Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is Fish in his hospital room at the Veterinary. He's wearing an "e-collar" (for Elizabethan) to keep him from licking or biting his stitches.
You can see where the techs shaved him (no nicks, thank goodness!). His front right paw is wrapped in yellow tape to conceal his IV port.
Mom and LD saw him today. When the Vet opened the door to his room, Mom just about climbed into it to cover Fish with her body. Fish purred and purred. You can see that we took his turtle quilt to him so he can smell home and love.
Fish looks good. Clear-eyed and eating lots of little Science Diet crunchies. The vet is impressed that Fish did a toe touch when stood up this morning, drank water and navigated his litter box.
This morning, as the Vet worked on her nearby computer, Fish began to meow. She asked him what he wanted. He wanted to be petted so she opened his door and gave him head scratchies.
Mom and LD came home to tell me all this. I don't understand the Elizabethan collar or why they had to shave his personal area, too. No kidding, I'm NOT fracturing MY LEG EVER.
Fish had three pins put into his bones. When he comes home on Monday, he'll have to be confined for 6 weeks. I can't beat him up, I mean, play hard with him for 6 weeks.
Keep praying for my brother, ok? I feel better now because I know he is going to get well.
Love and thanks,
Whistle the Cat


Littlemankitty said...

Dear Fish,
I think your elizabethan collar looks really macho.
Love, LMK

Dear Whistle,
You have to be good for 6 long weeks! Wow! I can't be good for 10 seconds! I'll be talking to the Big Cat about you.
Love, LMK

Dear Big Cat,
Thank you.
Love, LMK

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Fish,

You are really brave and definitely my hero. I think your collar looks very stylish, but am glad I am not the one wearing it. I hope they give you extra Greenies for being so good.

Dear Whistle,
Until Fish is better,you can come to my house and pick on my roommate, Lucy the best cat, because she makes me crazy. Shhh. don't tell.

The Big Cat bless your heart and heal you fast.
Callie, the Main Cat

Sue said...

Oh Whistle, you are such a good brother for letting us know how Fish is coming along. It will be hard not to play with Fish for 6 weeks, but you can do it.

We will continue to pray to the Big Cat every day for healing and recovery for Fish and for the comfort of the Big Cat's loving paw upon all of you.

Sue, Truffle and Ouzo

Serena said...

We're praying to the Big Cat for complete healing every day too, Whistle.. thanks for the update ... and please give the Fish our love
Oliver,Samantha,Christopher & Cassandra

P.S. Mom says tell your mom she feels her pain and is praying for her too.

RevAnne said...

Great news...thanks to the vets and the Big Cat and all your love, Whistle. Cletus the WonderMutt and the spooky Boo cat say you can play with them anytime, and Fish, too, when he's better.
Sending more prayers and good thoughts.

DogBlogger said...

Thanks for the update on Fish. Will keep praying for all of you!

Littlemankitty said...

Mama says you can come play with me while your brother gets better. I live in a big building on a street where there are squirrels. You can come in August when i have the babysitter, and then I won't jump on my sister's head.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Fish does look good! I am so glad that they are taking really good care of him. I know your Mom is so worried.

And thank you so much Whistle for keeping us updated!

zorra said...

Yay Fish!! You look great! Get well soon!

And Whistle, you're a really good brother. Chin scratches and hugs and preferred treats for everybody.

Songbird said...

Hey, Whistle!
Fish looks great! What a relief!! I know you must miss him, but he'll be home soon, and then I know you will help your mother and Sister nurse him back to health.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird